10 month olds…

Any parents out there? You ever have to deal with a baby that never listens and is always getting into things that they shouldn’t? Putting stuff in their mouth, that they know they shouldn’t? Let me tell ya, it was one of those days. Now imagine that the baby is only 10 months old and weighs 65 pounds…

OK – so it sounds a little extreme, and no – it’s not a REAL baby, but a puppy – but he IS just a big baby. Our ten-month old boxer, Bugsy, is all puppy. Its been awhile since I’ve taken some photos of him, so while I was out taking some photos outside today, I managed to get a few shots of him. Even though he just finished DESTROYING the remote to the DVD player, he still wins me over.

With a face like this, how can you resist?

my dog, Bugsy, a brindle boxer

and of course, here’s his new look – the “underbite snaggle-tooth” look…

my dog, Bugsy, a brindle boxer

my dog, Bugsy, a brindle boxer

as you can see with the above photo of Bugsy, there’s some digital enhancements/treatments done to it. (click on photo for larger size) Its a combination of using a photo for texture and then some cool brushes that I use in my photo retouching programs. I’m always looking for new ways to make a nice photo look even better. Keep an eye out for photos with these distinct looks to them. I’ll be adding these to my wedding photography, as well as senior portraits and family/children portraits. Granted, they may not be for everyone, but these enhancements can really make a photo pop.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting some shots from the engagement session from Sunday, but until next time… have a good night!

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