Finished custom high school senior portrait – Winona, MN

At the end of January, I had the opportunity to explore some different portrait & photo post processing techniques while taking some senior portraits with a high school senior portrait client here in Winona, MN.

The senior is a very talented musician and he has his own drum set at home. I knew this ahead of time and I wanted to do a senior portrait that fit his style and that pushed the envelope of your typical senior portrait.

I’m not talking the old-school Olan Mills style of headshot, with the oval-shaped side profile photo in the upper corner, that probably most senior’s parents had taken when they graduated high school. I’m talking a distinctive, powerful pose and post-processed treated photo that matched the sound of the high-hats, cymbals, snare and pounding of the double bass.

080129 High school senior graduation portrait - Shannon Porter Photography

I’m interested in hearing what other senior’s interests are so I can come up with their own striking, one-of-a-kind high school senior portrait.

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