2008 Bowl For Kid’s Sake photos with a touch of my own

As I prepare the photos to send to the ad agency for preparation of the promotional posters for the 2008 Bowl for Kid’s Sake fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Winona, I thought I’d add my own unique touch to really make the photos “pop”. I use a number of different post-processing techniques and I feel that the photos are much more striking because of it. Now, whether or not the ad agency uses them for the posters, that’s to be determined – however, it would be nice to see a distinctive photo relay an important message.

Compare my “finished” version compared to the regular version. I’d love to hear any comments that anyone may have!

Here is WSU basketball stars, Jonte Flowers and Jon Smith, finished & fully post-processed:

Jonte Flowers and Jon Smith - WSU Basketball stars - by Shannon Porter Photography


Winona State Basketball players - Jonte Flowers & Jon Smith

See all of the fully processed photos here – 2008 Bowl for Kid’s Sake event photos by Shannon Porter Photography

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