High school senior portrait with ATTITUDE – not like your parent’s senior portrait!

Ok, the following senior portrait is a combination of me joking around during the senior portrait shoot and then having the senior thinking it would be a cool idea!

This is a another shot of a senior from the Winona High School student who is also a very talented musician that plays the drums. While he was drumming, I had him create some movement while he played and started to play some hardcore beats. We’re not talking Sinatra here, we’re talking more like Korn, Rage Against the Machine or Slipknot. So as he thrashed on the drums, I snapped a number of photos.

As I checked the end results, the movement of his head created a surreal look – almost like he could be breathing fire or something along those lines. I mentioned this to him as I showed him the photo in the camera and he said, “Do it!” Well, myself having a few Photoshop tricks up my sleeve, I did. Here’s the end result:


Now I know that this isn’t for everyone, but it was right up this high school senior’s alley. This was his favorite photo I created for him. I look forward to creating more custom portraits for my future senior portrait clients! With or without the fire!

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