Minneapolis high school senior portrait – 4.30

I had the pleasure of shooting some senior portraits in and around downtown Minneapolis with a great young lady. It was a perfect, Minnesota day in the spring. This portrait session was great for a number of reasons:

  • beautiful young lady, very stylish, who was comfortable in front of the camera
  • she had an awesome wardrobe
  • she was looking for original, one of kind photos
  • Minneapolis is full of unique locations
  • the weather was perfect, with a slight breeze

But enough of me, rambling – again… on to some photos! All photos posted are SOOC.

The first location was a grungy railroad tressel. It was sweet! The contrast was awesome!

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

The sun made for the best lighting too…

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

We went down by 1st Avenue & Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis after an outfit change and took some really cool shots by a really cool wall and old alley. Check em out!

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

Before we left though, I had an idea. See if you like it…

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

Then back to the her condo for the last outfit change and up to the rooftop. Check out the view of Minneapolis! Again, another contrast – between her & her flowing dress and the sharp angles & brick buildings.

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

and to finish off the shoot, there was this wall that provided a nice matching color, along with contrast, texture and of course, the senior.

HS Senior portrait | Shannon Porter Photography

I definitely hope to do more senior portrait photography in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. I look forward to it!


    • May 2, 2008
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    Oh my God – these are frickin fabulous! My fav is the one with the arrows… and the time lapse with the car – nice.

    • May 2, 2008
    • Reply

    awesome pics! thanks for sharing. these could be on the cover of a magazine.

  1. wow,

    You really have talent. Thank goodness you share it with others.

    Thanks, Please keep the pics coming I enjoy seeing your work.
    If grama marion could see you now she would be so pround.

    Love ya shan, Bruce

    • May 5, 2008
    • Reply

    Nice work Porter! Lori is right, these pics could definitely be seen on the cover a mag. Keep up the good work, you’ve definitely found your niche.

  2. Nice work, I love the No Parking shot. ….and Holy huge-tatoo Batman. 🙂


    • April 6, 2010
    • Reply

    If she would have worn more modest clothing, the photos would have been much more beautiful and classy. The one down in the dress is wonderful.

    • April 29, 2010
    • Reply

    hey can you tell me how u were able to show the car moving with the girl still in it? what was ur camera set on? thanks
    beautiful girl and shots!

    • f22 @1/10 with real steady hands!!! Thank you for visiting & your comment!

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