Friday wedding photography today from Lanesboro to Winona Minnesota

Rather than your usual Saturday wedding, today I’m the wedding photographer for wedding clients living in Minneapolis, MN but are returning to the bride’s hometown of Rushford for the wedding ceremony. We are going to actually start the today’s wedding photography in the nearby picturesque town of Lanesboro, MN. My client’s are going to see each other prior to the wedding with a private meeting. We’re then going to use the beautiful town of Lanesboro as our backdrop for some more creative & unique wedding portraits.

My clients are also planning a candlelit ceremony which should be very neat. After the wedding ceremony, we’ll be headed to Winona, MN for the wedding reception which is being held at Visions Event Center at Signatures Restaurant. It’s already looking to be a great day for a wedding!

Check back soon for the wedding pictures from today!

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