Ever wonder how wedding photography is created?

As I finish up with the last of my shoots from my very, very busy season as wedding photographer and as I enter the winter months, when I work on wedding album design and other editing projects, I had a little idea after noticing photos of myself at work through my clients’ pictures on Facebook.

I’ve been asked many times by my clients, family and friends, “How did you do that?” or “When did you take that photo?” so I thought I’d share with you a little “behind the scenes” action as a wedding photographer. What it will consist of is gathering photos that wedding clients and their guests may have taken at the wedding at nearly the same exact time that I took a photo.

Here’s an example:

Taken by a wonderful bridesmaid, Sabrina Howard, who allowed me to use her photo:

wedding photographer at work, Shannon Porter Photography

See me behind the bride’s mother? To the right of the lamp in the yellow shirt, back there??? Here’s a photo that I took at nearly the exact same time:

Kinda interesting, huh??

Be sure to check back as I’ll devote a section of my site featuring guest’s wedding photography and the photos taken by me at the same time! If were a guest at a wedding which I photographed and you have any photos with me in them, I’d love to know! I’ll feature your photos too! A great place to share is through Facebook. Go ahead and add me to your Facebook friends!!

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