Behind the Scenes of a wedding photographer from June 2008

Thank you to the number of family & friends who have supplied & allowed me to use their own wedding pictures to use in my “Behind the Scenes” pages. It’s nice to see different perspectives between multiple photos taken at or close to the same time.

Here’s a wedding photo from June 2008 taken by wonderful wedding guest & reader, Taylor Addington, a friend of my clients – Maria & Fran. It was taken at the wedding reception at the La Crosse Center Ballroom during the garter removal. The story behind the photo is Maria always gave Fran a hard time about wearing his own cowboy boots. Without him knowing, she managed to put on some cowboy boots of her own to surprise him during the garter removal. Truly a fun moment for everyone at the wedding reception! Check out Fran’s reaction! Priceless!!

Taylor’s photo:

Two of mine taken at nearly the same time:

If you, or you know of someone who may have some wedding photos with me working, let me know! I’d love to feature them here!

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