2010 wedding photographer availability

As some of you know, I’m currently sold out for 2009 weddings and not booking any more this year. However, if you’re planning a wedding for 2010 and interested in my wedding photographer services, I strongly suggest not waiting too long to inquire!! I’ve already received numerous 2010 wedding inquiries and the chances of completely filling up next year by this Fall is quite possible.

2010 weddings:

  • May 22nd – strong interest
  • August 14th – booked
  • September 25th – strong interest
  • October 2nd – booked

If you or someone you know has expressed interest in my wedding photography, please feel free to inquire. You can always check your date to the left in my date checker. Remember, it costs nothing to inquire!

Also, if you’re looking for a 2009 wedding photographer, I do have a few photographer friends that I can refer you to. Shoot me an email to info [at] portergraph.com

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