Behind the scenes of a wedding photographer – 10/25/08 wedding

It’s been some time since my last “behind the scenes” photo, so let’s check out a photo from Michelle & Brad’s  Rochester, Minnesota wedding which took place at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. We’ve probably all seen a Grand Exit at a wedding where usually everyone is lined up and throwing rice as the Bride & Groom take their first walk in public as a married couple.

I know that there was concern that rice was harmful to some birds, but I think it’s a toss-up between urban legend and a flat out insurance liability concern for the church/venue of the ceremony. Since then, probably even before the bird “scare”, there have been rice substitutes such as seeds, flower pedals & blowing bubbles.

At Michelle & Brad’s wedding, they opted to use bubbles. Bubbles can have such a cool & unique color to them, which can add to the look of the picture. Here’s a photo taken by Joni Neiman during their Grand Exit:

Wedding picture taken in Rochester, Minnesota

Obviously, you can see me walking backwards in front of the happily married couple, shooting blind. Yes, there are definitely times when I don’t look through the viewfinder while shooting. Once you’ve become so familiar with using a camera & lens, you can use it without looking through the viewfinder. It is a technique I used quite frequently!

Here’s two pictures from their exit – the first photo was taken just as they walked out. Notice the color in the bubbles!

Rochester Minnesota wedding photographer | ©2008 Shannon Porter Photography

and this next photo was taken at nearly the same time as Joni’s picture was taken. You can see her husband holding the camera up in the background to the left of Michelle…

Rochester Minnesota wedding photographer | ©2008 Shannon Porter Photography

Pretty neat huh??

Remember, I’d love to feature anyone’s wedding photo that has me in the photo somewhere. Chances are likely that I took a photo around, if not at, the same time!

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    Hi Porter – I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your website today and I absolutely love your photos. I live in VT and am in the process (a slow but steady process I hope) of learning how to take amazing shots – I only hope that they can be as amazing as the ones I’ve seen on your site today.

    Do you have any tips for a budding self-taught photographer?

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