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Last weekend’s wedding in Wabasha, MN provided not only two people in love, but many familiar faces! One of the best things for me when shooting a wedding is seeing old friends. It’s really neat to see if & how people have changed and to hear stories from years past as well as seeing the beginnings of new families forming.

When you shoot the wedding for the youngest brother of three of your good friends, chances are likely you get all of the above plus some. Good times were had by all. Myself included.

The day started off at St. Felix Catholic Church in Wabasha with Tera & Mitch seeing each other for the first time. It was a very special moment for them both…

Bride & groom console each other in Wabasha, MN | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After getting through formals and family portraits, it was time to wait for the beginning of the wedding ceremony. I love this moment between Mitch and his flower girl, also their beautiful young daughter…

Groom smiling at flower girl | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Soon after, everyone gathered outside the front of the church for the processional. Tera was stunning.

Bride smiling before her wedding | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

During the processional, especially when there’s children involved, usually something ridiculously cute happens. I love these next two photos. Many things are happening, so let me explain.

First, you have the flower girl checking out all of the guests on the way down the aisle, trying to decide who to personally hand deliver a flower to. Second, the ring bearer was perhaps a little shy & nervous walking in front of everyone in the church. Third, Tera’s father was trying to get them both to walk down a little bit faster. Fourth, you can see Tera in the background peeking out on the right hand side of the doorway, admiring her little girl. (it WAS pretty darn cute) Fifth, you see the little outstretched arm of a younger guest calling for a flower…

Flower girl & ring bearer | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Needless to say, that young guest got her wish…

Flower girl handing guest a flower | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

If this isn’t one proud & happy father, I’m not sure what is…

Father of the Bride | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Tera & Mitch patiently wait for their turn to say “I do”…

Bride & groom sit during the wedding ceremony | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Their daughter was very patiently waiting during the ceremony as well…

Flower girl watching the wedding ceremony | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Soon after, the ceremony was done and the celebration began. One of the stops prior to the reception was at Slippery’s Restaurant and since the weather took a magnificent turn for the better, we took advantage of it on the Mississippi River.

Walking along the docks on the Mississippi River | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After a stop in Kellogg for a couple drinks and some dancing with “Me and Bobby McGee”, we were off to the wedding reception at Whipporwill Ranch Kampground Ballroom near Theilman, MN. They started things off with the cutting of the cake and a sneak-attack smashing of it…

Walking along the docks on the Mississippi River | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Plenty of fun was going around at the head table…

overflowing champagne | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After dinner, they started to clear the dance floor and Tera & her father shared a moment together…

Bride and her father | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

and then they had their first dance to start an evening of dancing with their wedding guests. You can see & feel the love in her face…

first dance | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

… and that’s what it’s all about. Love.

It really was a beautiful wedding and I thank you both for having me as your wedding photographer. I wish you both many more happy years to come! Congrats again Tera & Mitch!!!

Bride & groom | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

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