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On June 19th, 2009 – I had my first wedding of two for the weekend. With storms passing through the area over the past couple days, I had hoped for decent weather. For the most part, the weather didn’t let me down – but it was plenty hot & humid!

I met Emily at her home outside of Sparta, WI which was also the ceremony site for their outdoor wedding. She had just received a wedding gift from Adam which put a smile on her face. A few of her bridesmaids looked on…

Bride smiling after opening her wedding day gift | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

It was then time for her to get her wedding dress on and finish up with last minute preparations…

Bride putting earring on | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

All the ladies, even the younger ones, had some final preparations before the wedding…

Flower girl getting last minute touch ups | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Before long, guests were starting to arrive as well as Adam and the groomsmen….

hanging wedding decoration at outdoor ceremony | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Sometimes my clients will plan a surprise for their wedding day and Adam’s Best Man had one up his sleeve. When asked for the rings, he pulled this out…

wedding day surprise | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After the ceremony and family photos, we headed to a nearby town for a drink before going to the reception. Prior to the bar, there was a park with a waterfall and made for a great spot for some more creative photos…

bride & groom kiss at a park | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After one more stop, we headed to the Cranberry Lodge in Tomah, WI for the wedding reception. After dinner, the dance started and the bridal party took to the dance floor. Everyone was having a great time…

wedding dancing | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

getting low | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

While there was some rain that passed through, it was during the reception and even then it didn’t last long. It was almost like it knew that there was an outdoor ceremony and waited for everyone to be indoors before starting to rain. I hope that the honeymoon was wonderful and I wish you both the very best!!

bride & groom portrait by fireplace | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

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