Jean & Adrien | Lake Superior destination wedding

Wedding #5 of August took place in Two Harbors, MN – which happens to be north of Duluth – by about 20 miles or so, right on the Scenic North Shore along Lake Superior. Some may say that a “destination wedding” only takes place in a warm, sunny climate on a white sandy beach or where the locals speak a different language than you or at some exotic location that you have to fly to. Well, I drove around 5-6 hours, one way, non-stop to Two Harbors – on the day of their wedding, it was absolutely the nicest day out of the three that I was up there and there was exotic volcanic rocky shores of Lake Superior, which as most know, is one really big lake. The best part, you’ve got “Minnesota nice” people – that speak the same language as you. Excellent. No translation needed – whew! Although, it would’ve been nice to fly the distance up there, but it’s really neat to see how the terrain changes from the southern to northern tip of Minnesota.

Speaking of distance, I’ve heard before that “love knows no boundaries” or something along those lines. These two have an amazing story of their relationship – I’m not going to repeat the whole thing here, but they’ve been separated by distance for a number of years as Adrien supported Jean’s decision to pursue her dreams to get her PhD from a school in a different state. Love HAS no boundaries. These two are absolute proof of it.

Their intimate wedding took place at the luxurious Larsmont Cottages Resort which is a beautiful resort right on the lake. It really seemed like a world of it’s own. Beautiful cottages overlooking the shoreline which were highlighted by the wonderful weather in the sky. As I mentioned, it rained the day before & big storms moved through the day after. Their day was meant to be.

I met up with Adrien first as Jean was starting to get ready. We headed out to the shoreline to start pictures. After a number of photos, Adrien’s brother, also his Best Man & his one and only groomsman, had come out so we took some portraits of the two of them. I had a mental image of how I wanted this next photo to look as I took it. It was inspired by a suggestion from his brother…

brothers looking out over Lake Superior

After pictures, we went back inside the cottage to wait for Jean to finish getting ready. In the meantime, Jean’s sister had come downstairs to deliver Adrien a gift…

chatting inside the cabin

As he opened his card, I noticed it appeared to be handmade. After a closer look, sure enough it was. However, after an even closer look, it was probably one of the most amazing cards I have ever seen!

groom reading handmade card from bride

See what’s on the front of the card? The words say, “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend.” See the clovers? They’re real. There are 18 four-leaf clovers & one five-leaf clover laminated on the front of that card. Jean personally found each and every one of those clovers while she was away from Adrien. I think I’ve maybe seen one four-leafed clover in my life. Wow…

Meanwhile, Jean was finishing up getting ready upstairs…

bride in duotone

She had some help from her sister, also her Maid of Honor & one and only bridesmaid, along with her cousin to tie the back of her dress…

bride getting back of dress tied

After the dress was fitted and in place, it was just Jean & her sister. That’s when the emotions hit…

sister hugging bride

It was a tender moment between siblings as I watched in the background. Then her father came up to see her for the first time as a bride. Deja vu…

father giving bride a hug

Meanwhile, Adrien had already gone outside to wait for Jean. It makes you wonder what goes through a groom’s head when waiting for his bride all alone. There he was, in the distance, perhaps feeling somewhat small in such a big world or maybe he was completely content & relaxed as he listened to the waves repeatedly crash into the shore…

groom awaits to see his bride for the first time

Jean was helped by her mother as she walked down to see Adrien, sharing laughs along the way…

bride & mother laughing

As they saw each other, they embraced. They were together as one after being away from each other for so long…

bride & groom embrace

Soon they will be able to share the rest of their lives together as one in this big, big world we live in…

little people, big world

After pictures along Lake Superior, we went back to the cottage to meet up with the family & few friends who were in attendance for their wedding. We then proceeded to the ceremony site. Jean walked with her parents to the other end of Larsmont Cottages…

parents walking with bride

They met with Adrien’s parents at their cottage and awaited the start of the ceremony. This is usually the time when emotions start to run again. Jean’s father helped her wipe a few tears…

father wipes away a tear

They proceeded to the shore where an arch was built & hand carved by Jean’s father for their wedding ceremony. I hear he’s going to fit it with a bench for their backyard someday! Needless to say, it was a perfect setting for such a beautiful, intimate wedding…

intimate wedding on Lake Superior shoreline

After they said their moving vows to each other, they were married and were congratulated by their closest family & friends…

grandmother & groom

After family portraits, I spent some time with just Jean as we never got a chance before the wedding. I had so many ideas running in my head with this location. Minnesota’s North Shore is just a visually amazing & unique place. Add a bride into the mix = SPECTACULAR…

bride on Minnesota's North Shore

After some more photos with both of them, we headed over to the Ledge Rock Grille for the wedding reception. One of Jean’s favorite things to do is to bake. They had a number of different flavored cakes of which I believe Jean, her sister & Adrien all helped make. There was a number of different cake toppers too that had a special meaning in themselves. About the cakes they made, let me tell you – the super duper double fudge filled with raspberries smothered with chocolate frosting was… it was good. So good. Chocolate… yummm…

Dragonball Z characters surrounded by wedding cakes

slice of wedding cake

They played a little music and danced their first dance together which had everyone smiling for the newlyweds…

guests smiling during first dance

Before long, after everyone had their cake of choice, they headed back to the cottage to spend quality time with the people closest to them. A great way to end a perfect day. While you still may deal with some distance between you as Jean finishes school for her PhD, may you both always remember the strong bond of love between you. As life has its ups & downs, we all must understand how to balance the good & bad and remember there’s always love in our hearts, no matter where we are. Congratulations again to you both and I sincerely appreciate your patience in getting these previews!!! (I’m in need of some balance myself!)

life - balance - love

Click on the above photo to see more of their wedding pictures!


    • September 10, 2009
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    I love them so much! I barely recognize myself. Thank you so much! The pictures are lovely.

    • September 10, 2009
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    you made her look like an angel, thank you. you truly have a masters touch. brian and tomoko

    • September 11, 2009
    • Reply

    These are absolutely fantastic. The pictures really captured the feelings of that day. Thank you so much.
    Kiki you are beautiful.
    Adrien not too bad.

    • November 9, 2011
    • Reply

    Jean, I would love to ask you some questions regarding your experience with Larsmont for your wedding. My friend’s and I do a girl’s weekend each Fall at Larsmont and now my Fiance and I are considering it for our big day. Feel free to email me at

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