Jessie & Jonathan outdoor wedding pictures in Wisconsin

On September 5th, 2009 – as summer slowly grew closer to autumn, I traveled to Buena Vista Park over Alma, WI for an outdoor wedding ceremony with absolutely gorgeous weather. If you’ve never been to the lookout, the view from Buena Vista is absolutely spectacular. Combine the weather, the view and these two people in love surrounded by the people closest to them made for a great wedding to shoot.

I first met Jessie here at the studio as she passed through town on her way back home to Iowa with her mother & one of her bridesmaids. I could tell after meeting her that my style of documenting weddings would be a perfect fit. She was so happy & down to earth. The most important thing for her (other than getting married) was getting photos of her marrying the love of her life on their wedding day.

And this, I did.

Before her ceremony she received hugs from everyone who was able to see her…

bride getting hugs before her ceremony

There was rarely ever a chance where Jessie wasn’t smiling…

bride waiting for ceremony

As the remaining guests found spots to stand for their view of the ceremony, the wedding party lined up as well…

bridal party lining up before ceremony

At the end of the path, Jonathan awaited at the lookout. Again, the view is amazing…

view during Buena Vista Park wedding

Jessie wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stop smiling – Jonathan had a pretty big smile himself as he waited to see Jessie for the very first time…

groom smiling at bride

and Jessie returned her own wonderful smile right back at him…

Bride & her father smiling during processional

It’s almost magical to see a ceremony from this location…

outdoor wedding ceremony

The family even had a little surprise of their own with scorecards at the end of the ceremony to judge the kiss. It was a way to see how much the family loved each other. After the ceremony, they greeted their guests and we spent a little time for a few portraits. I could definitely tell that Jonathan was in love…

smiling as she gets a kiss

After we wrapped things up at Buena Vista, they made their way to the hay wagon to ride with their wedding party to the reception…

a haybail ride to the wedding reception

Once they arrived to the reception which was located on top of the bluffs, again over the Mississippi River valley, the love did not stop there…

giving her a kiss

The guests were treated to many different kinds of cakes & pies for dessert. Look at all of them!!!

all kinds of wedding pies for guests

Another surprise for Jessie & Jonathan were His & Her bibs for dinner…

bride getting ready for some BBQ

and the BBQ awaiting them looked (and was – thank you!) SOOO good…

BBQ at the wedding reception

During dinner, those scorecards I mentioned earlier were put to use again. Watch out now!

scoring a "ten"...

One last surprise for the both of them was a hilarious “serenade” by Jessie’s family – in full “uniform”…

wedding couple getting serenaded at reception

Even though there may have been a little teasing going on with the lyrics, they could still laugh with each other…

giving each other a hug

After everyone finished their dinner, the dance floor opened to them for the first dances and everyone danced the night away under a beautiful countryside night setting…

bride & groom dancing under paper lamps

It was my pleasure to share your day with each of you and everyone you’re closest to, Jessie & Jonathan. I can tell you’re both surrounded by good people. Just as your love for each other has grown up to this day in your lives, I hope it continues to grow each & everyday to come. Congratulations again!

bride & groom at Buena Vista Park lookout in Alma, WI

Click on the photo above to see more of their Buena Vista wedding photos!


    • September 30, 2009
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    Wonderful pictures, you can really feel the happiness that must have been there that day.

  1. Hi! LOOOVE your photos of the wedding at Buena Vista! I am planning a wedding and have had a hard time finding the photographer/venue/caterer that we want. I thought the photos of Buena Vista park were gorgeous, I’ve never been there but I’m extremely interested in having a ceremony there. Not to be a total copycat…BUT Jessie and Jonathan’s photos look EXACTLY like what we have envisioned for our big day. We’re planning for next summer, less than 100 guests, laid back, BBQ/pig roast, bonfire, FUN. Like I said, we are having a hard time finding the right place that will let us do what we want. If you could let me know where Jessie and Jonathan’s wedding reception was it would be greatly appreciated! Also, your photos are beautiful, how far do you travel? We live in Minnetonka, MN and expect to have a wedding SOMEWHERE in the Twin Cities area.
    Maren Delaney

    • November 11, 2009
    • Reply

    Oh my word!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!!!


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