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For my fourth wedding of August on the 15th, I stayed close to home with a wedding in Goodview and the reception at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN. It was nice to have a wedding in town as within just a few days, I’d be heading to the opposite end of Minnesota for my wedding on the North Shore in Two Harbors.

The one thing that stood out for me with Katie & Adam, was their constant smiling when next to each other. When I see a smiling face, it just lifts my spirits. When I smile at someone else, hopefully it does the same. With these two it was almost contagious. It just seemed that everyone was smiling right along with them. Of course, some people just love to have a good time and I think that had a lot to do with this wedding. Fun group of people – for sure!!!

Once I arrived, I started with Adam & the groomsmen for their formals while Katie finished getting ready. So after finishing up some pictures outside, Adam & I headed into the church so he and Katie could see each other for the first time. As Adam waited in the sanctuary, this was the scene outside the doors…

bride with final preparations

I could tell there was some nervous tension as she walked in but soon it would be all smiles. Big smiles…

bride & groom smiling

After a few formals inside, we then headed outside to take advantage of the wonderfully decent weather we’ve been having in August…

outdoor wedding portrait

After formals with the bridesmaids & the family portraits, the church was filling up with guests and the wedding was starting. It’s really neat to see interaction between groomsmen and the groom as they walk down the aisle. A simple handshake from a close friend can mean a lot to a man who’s standing in front of hundreds of people during his wedding ceremony!

best man shaking groom's hand

Some scenes from their ceremony…

wedding ceremony

wedding party during ceremony

After the ceremony, they were all smiles just like before, but this time as husband & wife!

just married!

All of their wedding party was equally happy for them as well…

groomsmen congratulating the groom

Even as they walked hand in hand through the crowed blowing bubbles, the smiling continued…

walking through bubbles

Are you smiling yet???

We then made a stop at Windom Park for some more photos before stopping at a local pub for an early celebration. Good times were had by all…

wedding photographer

… and some perhaps more than others!

guys getting a shot

It was time to go to the reception and once we arrived, everyone was seated and there was a slight change for the customary kiss at the head table. Katie & Adam made it a little more challenging for their guests. No clanking glasses here. No singing songs with the word “love” in the title. No, they created a game where the guests had to throw & stick a ball onto a board which had a few different kissing-options available…

wedding reception game

One of my favorite moments of the evening was when Adam’s grandparents were leaving. As they walked towards the door, his grandfather made sure to reach out his hand to his grandmother and they held each other’s hands as they walked. I believe I overheard that they have been married for over 60 years?!? It’s amazing to see love last so long…

grandparents holding hands

The love was equally visible during Katie & Adam’s first dance too…

first wedding dance

Then the guests ran to the dance floor…

dancing on the dancefloor

and they were literally “getting down”!!

getting down

Thank you for your patience, Katie & Adam! I know you’ve been patiently awaiting these previews and I want to personally congratulate you both again. You two are so lucky to have such a loving family and a great group of friends to help you celebrate this beautiful day in your lives! I wish you both the best!

the smiling, happy couple

Click on the photo above to see more photos from their wedding day!

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