Jennifer & Josh | Winona, Minnesota wedding

Life works in mysterious ways sometimes. The reason I say this is because you’ll never know what the future may bring or who’ll you meet. Again.

Now bare with me as I feel I have to tell this little story & the reason I say this is because years ago, as a child, I used to visit & stay with my grandparents during my summer vacation in a small town of Hudson, IA. It was like having a second home with another whole group of childhood friends. Granted now with Facebook, I can chat & see what those old friends are up to and see how their lives have changed since we were kids running around Hudson. I have so many great memories from that time in my life. It was amazing. Continue to see photos from their wedding

Ok, fast forward to 2009. My son has had a paper route for some time now. I can remember reading through our copy of the paper and I would notice this ad for a new lawyer in town. The thing that struck me was that she had the same name as one of those kids from Hudson. Now I know personally that we change with age – for better or for worse, whatever. This simple headshot for this lawyer named Jennifer always made me think, “Could it be the same Jennifer I once knew?” Well, while shooting the Venetian Masquerade – 2009 Birthday Ball, I noticed that the lawyer named Jennifer was there. I had my chance to finally ask. After questions if she was from Iowa and a town named Hudson (and a few awkward looks from her), she asked who I was and the rest was history. Here we were, probably anywhere around 15-20 years later, knowing each other from good ‘ol Hudson, IA and talking like we hadn’t skipped a beat. Amazing.

Fast forward to a few months ago. Here she met this nice guy of whom I hadn’t necessarily known previously and we met to talk about their wedding. It’s kind of funny because they played the whole part of “we don’t like our pictures taken – blah, blah, blah…” and we must’ve chatted down at Ed’s (no name) Bar for over an hour or so. Needless to say, it was amazing to see an old childhood friend find someone to fall in love with and I could tell this after meeting with them both.

Now fast forward to their wedding day. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. The setting of the ceremony & reception at his parent’s home was beautiful. The floral provided by Flowers On Broadway were so unique. His suit was modern, yet had a classy feel to it. Her dress definitely wasn’t traditional, but it was absolutely gorgeous and fit her & her personality perfectly. Seeing familiar faces from Winona, as well as Hudson, was wonderful for me. They wanted everyone to enjoy themselves & have a great time. From all the smiles I witnessed on their wedding day, they succeeded in doing so. The love from both of their families was very evident and combine that love, with the love that Jennifer & Josh share for each other – is well, nothing short of… amazing.

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