Molly & Stan | Whitewater State Park wedding

When you see the love of your life, not only when you see them for the first time on your wedding day but every single time you see each other, you need to react like this…

I think we could all take a lesson from Molly & Stan. Don’t you?

That little moment was truly a good example of their whole wedding day. It was full of surprise, happiness, natural beauty & love. Their wedding took place at Whitewater State Park near Elba, Minnesota. Surrounded by the natural elements of the park as well as their family & friends, they were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with music of a string quartet and an eclectic folk music duo. They also performed a foot washing ceremony as a sign of respect for each other. After the ceremony, everyone walked to the tented reception for three different ethnic meals followed by autumn themed Mon Petit Cupcakes for dessert. Molly & Stan performed four different styles of dance which shows their love for dancing (which was one of the best first dances I’ve ever witnessed as a wedding photographer). Stan’s son also provided even more entertainment for the guests as he juggled pins & swords on a unicycle and then headed outside to juggle flaming torches while everyone created a circle holding sparklers.

There was an over-whelming calm & zen-like atmosphere throughout the day which was accompanied by the very obvious love that Molly & Stan have for each other. It goes to show that love can make everything around you just… better.

Enjoy these great images of the love they share.

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