Megan & Nick | Town & Country Club wedding in St. Paul, Minnesota

There was so many wonderful things going on once the autumn season finally settled in here in our area. The weather was outstanding and made for some great colors & views of the trees & leaves along rolling bluffs along the Mississippi River. I personally think it would be hard to leave the area, even though I usually can’t stand the winter months. Snow & cold temps just are not for me…

As one’s life progresses, you get a little older, find a college to attend, maybe find a job, move from home, you figure out the true friends (or a linchpin) in your life and meet new ones, finish school, then find a career, perhaps you meet that special someone and a new adventure begins. Sometimes that new adventure will take you to new places. Away from home. That’s what brings me to Megan & Nick.

They planned their whole wedding out of state as certain jobs took them to numerous places in the country. What I thought was most interesting regarding the weather on their wedding day was that it was warmer in the Twin Cities than it was at their home in California! Granted, there was literally a complete downpour right at the very start of their outdoor ceremony at the Town & Country Club, but just a few short minutes later, the skies cleared up and it truly was a beautiful autumn day for a wedding. This gave them not only a taste of warm temperatures like in Cali, but also included some of the beautiful autumn colors they grew up to.

As you will see in the following photos, you will see one of the most gorgeous wedding dresses I’ve seen, topped off with a birdcage veil, as well as how Megan & Nick were surrounded by their family & closest friends, who traveled from near & afar, and all of them seemed to be smiling the whole day because of the love they share. Top that off with a live band and guests who love to dance! What more could one ask for on their wedding day.

I hope you enjoy these images created from their love… and perhaps smile as well.



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