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Behind the Scenes – outdoor wedding ceremony in the rain

Last year, during the first week of June, I was in Wisconsin Rapids, WI for a lovely outdoor wedding. As it got closer to the the start of the ceremony, the clouds let loose and it started raining. However, sometimes the show must go on and that’s what happened. Grab some umbrellas and marry the person you love. A little rain won’t hurt you…

A photo taken by the bride’s mother shows where I was located to get the shot.

And what I saw was this – the father of the bride helping his daughter stay dry from the rain by holding an umbrella overhead, with a firm grip of her hand, which I’m sure he’s done many times before, as she smiles the whole way to her wedding – as the raindrops fall around them…

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Behind the Scenes – Madison, WI wedding reception

I’ve noticed it has been awhile since my last “Behind the Scenes” post, so here’s a beautiful moment captured with my client’s camera during their first dance at Kennedy Manor Dining Room in Madison, WI. I’m sure many guests wonder “Why is the photographer over there or doing that?” or something along those lines (mainly as I’ve been seen crawling around the floor or climbing on furniture I probably shouldn’t have been on in the first place).

I strive to capture moments in a beautiful way for my clients. Here’s another perfect example…

What the guests saw:

See me way over on the left side? Here’s what I saw:

Thank you to Sasha & Carlos as they were so nice in sharing a few photos taken with their camera during the wedding day, which have me in them!

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Behind the Scenes – Cutting cake at Carlson Towers wedding in Minnetonka, MN

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “behind the scenes” post – here’s one from a wedding I recently shot in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area at the Carlson Center, also known as the Carlson Towers. It was taken during the traditional cutting of the wedding cake.

The picture was posted on Facebook & taken by Jessica Jensen, a bridesmaid in my recent Minnetonka wedding. Thanks for allowing me to use your photo, Jessica!

Carlson Center wedding reception photo taken by bridesmaid

and here’s the picture that I took at the same time while the cut the wedding cake!

Cutting the cake at their Carlson Towers Rotunda wedding reception

It goes to show that photography can capture a certain moment in time. Your perspective can be one of the biggest differences!

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Behind the scenes of a wedding photographer – 10/25/08 wedding

It’s been some time since my last “behind the scenes” photo, so let’s check out a photo from Michelle & Brad’s  Rochester, Minnesota wedding which took place at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. We’ve probably all seen a Grand Exit at a wedding where usually everyone is lined up and throwing rice as the Bride & Groom take their first walk in public as a married couple.

I know that there was concern that rice was harmful to some birds, but I think it’s a toss-up between urban legend and a flat out insurance liability concern for the church/venue of the ceremony. Since then, probably even before the bird “scare”, there have been rice substitutes such as seeds, flower pedals & blowing bubbles.

At Michelle & Brad’s wedding, they opted to use bubbles. Bubbles can have such a cool & unique color to them, which can add to the look of the picture. Here’s a photo taken by Joni Neiman during their Grand Exit:

Wedding picture taken in Rochester, Minnesota

Obviously, you can see me walking backwards in front of the happily married couple, shooting blind. Yes, there are definitely times when I don’t look through the viewfinder while shooting. Once you’ve become so familiar with using a camera & lens, you can use it without looking through the viewfinder. It is a technique I used quite frequently!

Here’s two pictures from their exit – the first photo was taken just as they walked out. Notice the color in the bubbles!

Rochester Minnesota wedding photographer | ©2008 Shannon Porter Photography

and this next photo was taken at nearly the same time as Joni’s picture was taken. You can see her husband holding the camera up in the background to the left of Michelle…

Rochester Minnesota wedding photographer | ©2008 Shannon Porter Photography

Pretty neat huh??

Remember, I’d love to feature anyone’s wedding photo that has me in the photo somewhere. Chances are likely that I took a photo around, if not at, the same time!

Behind the Scenes of a wedding photographer from June 2008

Thank you to the number of family & friends who have supplied & allowed me to use their own wedding pictures to use in my “Behind the Scenes” pages. It’s nice to see different perspectives between multiple photos taken at or close to the same time.

Here’s a wedding photo from June 2008 taken by wonderful wedding guest & reader, Taylor Addington, a friend of my clients – Maria & Fran. It was taken at the wedding reception at the La Crosse Center Ballroom during the garter removal. The story behind the photo is Maria always gave Fran a hard time about wearing his own cowboy boots. Without him knowing, she managed to put on some cowboy boots of her own to surprise him during the garter removal. Truly a fun moment for everyone at the wedding reception! Check out Fran’s reaction! Priceless!!

Taylor’s photo:

Two of mine taken at nearly the same time:

If you, or you know of someone who may have some wedding photos with me working, let me know! I’d love to feature them here!

Ever wonder how wedding photography is created?

As I finish up with the last of my shoots from my very, very busy season as wedding photographer and as I enter the winter months, when I work on wedding album design and other editing projects, I had a little idea after noticing photos of myself at work through my clients’ pictures on Facebook.

I’ve been asked many times by my clients, family and friends, “How did you do that?” or “When did you take that photo?” so I thought I’d share with you a little “behind the scenes” action as a wedding photographer. What it will consist of is gathering photos that wedding clients and their guests may have taken at the wedding at nearly the same exact time that I took a photo.

Here’s an example:

Taken by a wonderful bridesmaid, Sabrina Howard, who allowed me to use her photo:

wedding photographer at work, Shannon Porter Photography

See me behind the bride’s mother? To the right of the lamp in the yellow shirt, back there??? Here’s a photo that I took at nearly the exact same time:

Kinda interesting, huh??

Be sure to check back as I’ll devote a section of my site featuring guest’s wedding photography and the photos taken by me at the same time! If were a guest at a wedding which I photographed and you have any photos with me in them, I’d love to know! I’ll feature your photos too! A great place to share is through Facebook. Go ahead and add me to your Facebook friends!!