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THE WINNER – “kids in hats” child portrait

The votes have been counted (& recounted – twice) and by just FIVE votes, the winner is…

click to view the kids in hats portrait winner

the family will receive an 11×14 canvas gallery wrap of the image of their choice!

All participating families will receive a complimentary 5×7 mounted print as well as 25% off prints. I will be sending you a separate email soon.

Everyone who voted will also be receiving an email with savings on “kids in hats” prints or future portrait sessions!

VOTE! — kids in hats

This is the official voting page for the January child portrait contest – “kids in hats”.

Voting is simple. Each entry picture will be numbered by a number above each photo. Only one vote per entry allowed per person/computer. Votes come from comments. Votes are counted by comments/responses left at the bottom of this post. When leaving a comment/vote, you will be asked for your name & email. Takes just a few seconds.

Also, if you haven’t commented on my site before, you may receive a message that states your comment is in moderation. All that means is I need to approve it for the site. Once approved, your comment will appear under this post.

Simply enter the number of the photo you like to vote for and leave an actual comment if you’d like! Separate images of siblings will be combined to avoid any sibling rivalries when they get older. ; )

Voting ends January 31st, 2010 @11:59pm.

All votes/comments will be tallied on February 1st, 2010. Winner will be announced during the first week of February.

Clicking on each photo will open up a gallery to each child’s full image gallery. You will be asked for a password – if you know the families & children, you’ll know the password. Prints may be purchased through each gallery.











So there you have it, the eleven children in the portrait contest! Now it’s your turn to vote for the winner! Everyone can vote. Unfriendly comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

**It has come to my attention that some computers are not able to submit your comments/votes. Most likely a security feature on the computer being used. Sorry, I do NOT have any control over that and I am not responsible for it. I apologize for this inconvenience.**

***REMINDER – Please vote once. Do not use multiple email addresses that you may have. Also, do not copy/paste email addresses from your address book and try to enter them within a few minute timeframe. It’s VERY obvious and I can see that those email addresses are from the same computer. I can understand a husband & wife from a household voting, but when I see 15-20 different people – with different last names & emails from one computer – voting within a few minutes, I will not count those votes. There has been over 60 votes of which I will not count and will not show up below due to that fact.***

today’s contest entrant took my picture…


not exactly…

but she brought her own camera!

She’s entrant #3 for the January child portrait contest – kids in hats!

It’s not too late to join! Follow the link in the above sentence to sign up.

This is only a sneak peak – not her entry image. Contest images will be posted for voting during the last week of January!

{JANUARY child portrait contest} – kids in hats

With January upon us, it’s that time of year in our area – wearing winter hats. Growing up, I think I had a blaze orange hat and a black, frayed out face mask where it was torn around the nose. Not very stylish I’ll admit. These days, kids have some of the neatest & cutest winter hats. Does your child have a unique winter hat? Or perhaps they’re sporting one of those hand-me-downs that are now back in style? Or maybe they have a special handmade hat that a family member made.

Either way, that’s what will make up the first studio portrait contest – kids in hats! The top vote getter will receive a 11×14 canvas wrap valued at $150 or apply the $150 towards a larger canvas size! All entrants will receive discounted rates on print products.

This is how the contest will work:

  • Minimum 10 spots needed to fill
  • Bring a hat. Or two. Or more. Makes no difference to me. Scarfs, gloves, boots and any other winter attire is welcome!
  • Newborn through Elementary aged children
  • $25 entry/sitting fee
  • Entry into contest official once entry/sitting fee is paid. I will contact you for arrangements.
  • Schedule a portrait session (around 15-20 minutes) between January 11th – 22nd.
  • Once all children have been photographed, I will then create a voting post on my site with a chosen image from the session.
  • Each image of each child will be numbered – #1, #2, #3 and so on.
  • Votes will be cast & tallied by comments posted under the contest post. One vote per child allowed per person/email. I can also verify if voting has been abused. I’m kind of a computer geek, I know how ; )
  • Vote by typing the number of the image and feel free to leave a comment as well! Tell your family & friends to vote too! I will send all parents/guardians an email with the link for easier forwarding for family & friends
  • Number of votes for each photo will be updated each day on the contest post.
  • Voting will close on January 31st at 11:59pm.
  • Winner will be announced during first week of February.

This is the first contest of an ongoing series of portrait specials that I plan to offer throughout 2010! Get updated photos of your little ones with a lower priced in-studio portrait service with a chance of winning something wonderful!

**registration is now closed**

October 2009 Family Portrait Special

Family Portrait Month

I thought you would want to know about a very special family portrait promotion we will be participating in with an elite group of photographers around the country.  This October, we will celebrate “Family Portrait Month,” a wonderful opportunity for you to update your family portrait (or portraits of your children), and support Operation Smile, which treats children around the world who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Along with other studio members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), we have pledged to contribute $25 of your session to PPA Charities, which has chosen Operation Smile as its charitable partner.

What’s more, we want you to benefit from this special offer:

15-20 minute studio session on white background (indoor only – perfect for those holiday cards) and your four session options consist of the following:

#1 – $50 & buy prints separately through online ordering gallery
#2 – $100 & get $50 print/product credit through online ordering gallery
#3 – $150 & get disc w/personal use release (allowing you to print your own)
#4 – $250 – disc w/personal use release & a 16×24 canvas (canvas alone is a $259 value)

Recording the faces of children and their families is our greatest pleasure. That’s why we believe so strongly in the work of Operation Smile. Each year this incredible organization of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and specialized health care professionals, performs free reconstructive surgeries for children suffering with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. More than 100,000 children are born with a facial deformity each year in Operation Smile’s partner countries.

We hope you will join with us in helping to make this vital work possible. Don’t forget that the holiday season is right around the corner, so there’s no better time for a family portrait, which is always appreciated as a gift for family and friends (and to send along with holiday greeting cards).

As always . . . we look forward to creating some truly wonderful portraits of your family.

With warm wishes,

porter ; )

Please inquire on availability by email to info [at]

newborn baby portrait…

I had the pleasure taking newborn baby portraits for a past wedding client. Their newborn daughter is my youngest client to date – 15 days old. Bright-eyed at the beginning of the session. Took a break for some cozy time with Mom and fell asleep. She was absolutely precious too… as most babies are! Here’s a couple pics…

Holding mom’s thumb…

Minnesota baby portrait photographer | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

…and just flat out CUTE!! Look at that head of hair!

Minnesota baby portrait photographer | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

This was actually my first newborn shoot and I look forward to more! They don’t stay this size for very long! Contact me if you or someone you know is expecting or have recently given birth to a beautiful baby. This is a wonderful way to capture them at this beginning stage of life…

PS – these were taken in the studio. If you’ve been following me on Facebook – you may have heard some exciting news. More on that coming soon to the site!