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a hairstyling competition

Since April, I’ve been busy shooting models for a nationwide hairstyling competition for a local Fantastic Sams. There were a number of different categories of which the stylists could enter from regular haircuts & styling to coloring to an avant-garde category in which the stylists had no creative boundaries to what they could do.

It was fun to see all the different hairstyles and all of the models looked great!

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Leafless Diaries

Would you recognize me if I wrote MY story in words?

While the path I’ve traveled hasn’t always been easy, it is the path I chose to take. I’ve shed tears of complete sadness and utter happiness. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve had successes. I’m positive there will be more of both in the future. Whatever they may be, it is what makes me – me.

There are a number of people – from close friends, distant friends, clients, industry peers and even probably some strangers along the way, who know some details about my life. Some people love to share their own stories with others. I, for one, have to know how comfortable others are in hearing a story before I even bring it up or attempt to go into detail. I think that’s fairly true of many people. You’d be surprised how similar many of us are.

What if you could tell your story and not have anyone know that you wrote it? Would you? Maybe you have some words of wisdom to share with someone but you don’t know who? What if I told you that you can? Would you?

The reason for this post is a traveling nationwide project I was able to take part of recently. It’s called Leafless Diaries. Part of the tour includes the 50/50 Project, of which I was chosen to be the lone Minnesota photographer.

I invite you to read more about the Leafless Diaries project and if you see a little black book with a barren, leafless tree on it – no matter how long or short it may be, write something in it. We all may be surprised what we learn from another…

{more about Leafless Diaries}

leafless diaries is a national collaboration – a project to obtain the little bits of people that they don’t normally reveal to the world, and an attempt to connect all of us, no matter how different. Throughout the next year, the leafless team will be traveling the nation, distributing 500 blank diaries about, asking participants to write a single entry in the book – something thoughtful, something deep… something they would normally write in a diary of their own. Then to pass the book onto someone they don’t know or place in a location for someone to find to continue the sequence. When the books begin to find their way back home, the leafless team will go through the diaries and a selection of entries will be chosen to be included in the published book or book series, and the rest will be placed online – so the world too will be able to read the stories and insights and thoughts of those that have written in the books.

Along the tour, the leafless team will be working with a single photographer from each of the 50 states to create a visual representation of the project – capturing the lives that fill our world. The 50/50 Project is a collaboration between leafless diaries and an eclectic mix of 50 hand-selected photographers who encompass a wide-range of styles, backgrounds and experiences.

Also throughout the tour, the leafless team will be documenting their travels as they visit each state. They will be writing diary entries of their own and photographing some of the people and landscapes they encounter. There is also a weekly video episode showcasing the state.

Visit to follow the leafless team’s adventures, as well as follow them on facebook at and on twitter at

Mon Petit Cupcake | a sweet picture…

To be honest, I had a hard time with the subjects I shot yesterday. At the same time, they were so sweet…

I wanted to eat them.

sampling of cupcakes from Mon Petit Cupcake in Winona, MN

Mon Petit Cupcake, LLC is located in Winona, Minnesota. A local special order/delivery and wholesale fully licensed bakery, Mon Petit Cupcake, LLC uses only the finest ingredients, primarily organic and locally sourced to create artfully designed gourmet cupcakes.

Contact: Jennifer Rogers, owner

phone: 507-358-8504

email: monpetitcupcake [at]