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Jenna & Adam | Durand, Wisconsin wedding pictures

September 12th, 2009 – It was another beautiful September day for the wedding of Jenna & Adam in Durand, WI. Perfect blue skies along with puffy white clouds. As you enter Durand coming from the west, one of the first things you see is St. Mary’s Catholic Church sitting high above the road. Truly a sight to see as well as a perfect place for a portrait…

couple poses in front of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Durand, WI Continue reading for more of this Wisconsin wedding

Jessie & Jonathan outdoor wedding pictures in Wisconsin

On September 5th, 2009 – as summer slowly grew closer to autumn, I traveled to Buena Vista Park over Alma, WI for an outdoor wedding ceremony with absolutely gorgeous weather. If you’ve never been to the lookout, the view from Buena Vista is absolutely spectacular. Combine the weather, the view and these two people in love surrounded by the people closest to them made for a great wedding to shoot.

I first met Jessie here at the studio as she passed through town on her way back home to Iowa with her mother & one of her bridesmaids. I could tell after meeting her that my style of documenting weddings would be a perfect fit. She was so happy & down to earth. The most important thing for her (other than getting married) was getting photos of her marrying the love of her life on their wedding day.

And this, I did.

Before her ceremony she received hugs from everyone who was able to see her…

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Brittany & Brandon | wedding pictures in rural Minnesota

For my sixth wedding within 22 days in the month of August, I traveled into southeastern Minnesota near the small town of Mabel – which is a polar opposite of the large metro areas of Chicago, IL & Indianapolis, IN that they now live between! What’s interesting, is that a number of events took place for not only for me to shoot this wedding, but for the actual wedding to take place! I came to understand that Brittany had been researching and getting a feel for the different wedding photographers out there. She was doing all of this before Brandon even proposed! Never hurts to be prepared, right? Continue to read about this wedding day

Jean & Adrien | Lake Superior destination wedding

Wedding #5 of August took place in Two Harbors, MN – which happens to be north of Duluth – by about 20 miles or so, right on the Scenic North Shore along Lake Superior. Some may say that a “destination wedding” only takes place in a warm, sunny climate on a white sandy beach or where the locals speak a different language than you or at some exotic location that you have to fly to. Well, I drove around 5-6 hours, one way, non-stop to Two Harbors – on the day of their wedding, it was absolutely the nicest day out of the three that I was up there and there was exotic volcanic rocky shores of Lake Superior, which as most know, is one really big lake. The best part, you’ve got “Minnesota nice” people – that speak the same language as you. Excellent. No translation needed – whew! Although, it would’ve been nice to fly the distance up there, but it’s really neat to see how the terrain changes from the southern to northern tip of Minnesota. Continue reading about this Lake Superior destination wedding

Katie & Adam | Minnesota wedding photographer

For my fourth wedding of August on the 15th, I stayed close to home with a wedding in Goodview and the reception at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN. It was nice to have a wedding in town as within just a few days, I’d be heading to the opposite end of Minnesota for my wedding on the North Shore in Two Harbors.

The one thing that stood out for me with Katie & Adam, was their constant smiling when next to each other. When I see a smiling face, it just lifts my spirits. When I smile at someone else, hopefully it does the same. With these two it was almost contagious. It just seemed that everyone was smiling right along with them. Of course, some people just love to have a good time and I think that had a lot to do with this wedding. Fun group of people – for sure!!! Continue reading for pictures and more about this Winona, MN wedding

Brittany & Andrew | Winona, Minnesota wedding photographer

On August 8th, I was back home from my Minneapolis wedding and ready to go for my third wedding of the month here in Winona. It was somewhat fitting that I had been traveling long distances prior to Brittany & Andrew’s wedding as travel & long distances played a large part in both of their lives individually & as a couple. Granted, driving to the Twin Cities and back isn’t as far as Europe, but it’s travel nonetheless. You see – Andrew’s parents took him on many trips as a child. They both studied abroad in Europe. And Brittany travels a lot for her job. They also used it as a theme for their reception. They chose to stay distant and not see each other before the ceremony. As they say, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and I feel that there’s definitely truth to that statement for these two.
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Michaela & Tim | Minneapolis, Minnesota wedding photographer

On August 7th, I traveled to the Twin Cities for the wedding of Michaela & Tim at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis, MN. The weather wasn’t looking the greatest when I left town, but once I got halfway there, around Red Wing, the skies started to clear up. That’s always a good sign! What’s even better is that these two are young lovebirds. When I shot their engagement pictures in downtown St. Paul (in sub-freezing temps mind you) I could totally see this quality between them. Their love is their bond and you can see this in their photos… Continue reading for more on this Semple Mansion wedding in Minneapolis, MN