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Part 2 | Kristin & Jason | La Crosse, WI wedding

And now on to the party! The last half of Kristin & Jason’s wedding was the celebration. A celebration it was!! Seriously, if every reception had the vibe as their’s, you could charge admission. Seriously! They had no shortage of fun!

Before heading to the reception, we made a quick stop at Animal House, for a quick drink with the wedding party. Since they are fairly recent owners of a Harley-Davidson, it was sheer coincidence that these Harleys were outside. A fitting but perfect photo op!

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Part 1 | Kristin & Jason | La Crosse, WI wedding

At the end of August, something pretty awesome happened. Kristin & Jason got married.

The weather was perfect. The venues were perfect. The excitement was in the air. Nothing was going to stop this train.

Needless to say, I may not have too much to say as there’s so many photos to show. Which may seem odd, as I usually ramble on about something. This time the photos are going to “ramble on”…

Kristin & Jason chose not to see each other beforehand as we started out at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman, a beautiful church in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. Kristin and her bridesmaids were buzzing around as they were all preparing for the wedding ceremony…

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Weddings by Nancy – beautiful wedding reception details

All weddings are different – that’s a fact. From the couple being married, the dress, the suits, to the wedding venues and right on down to the food served.

It is your wedding. Make it spectacular in every way.

When you plan/planned your wedding, how did you decide the decor or theme of the wedding day? Did you have help or did you do it yourself?

When it comes to planning a wedding, a large part does come down to the details. As they say, “It’s all about the details”. If you’re looking to make a statement with your wedding and provide a beautiful atmosphere for your guests at your wedding or perhaps you just need a professional opinion, I suggest looking up Nancy Flottmeyer, Weddings by Nancy, in La Crosse, WI.

I recently had a client who used Weddings by Nancy for the management of their wedding day & wedding reception design and it was truly a remarkable thing to see. The reception was held at the Stony Creek Inn and while I’ve shot a number of receptions there, it’s never looked this good…


You can contact Nancy at:

400 Main Street | Historic Doerflinger Building | Mezzanine Level

La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 | PH. 608-796-2257

website: http://www.weddingsbynancy.com


This post also serves as a preview of my next wedding to be featured on the site from the end of August!! Be sure to check back!!!

Sasha & Carlos | Madison, WI wedding photography

Love can be expressed in any language.

Just like the intimate wedding of Sasha & Carlos, which was bilingual, spoken in English & Spanish. No matter what language you speak, if you’re in love, shout it from the rooftops as they say. There’s no better feeling than to be in love and know it.

The wedding ceremony took place in Madison, Wisconsin – at the beautiful & luxurious Mansion Hill Inn, which provided the perfect setting for the handful of family & friends to enjoy the wedding. The day started off with the two of them getting ready in separate rooms. They decided to wait to see each other until their ceremony.

Carlos had a nice little suite downstairs where he and his groomsmen got ready…

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Jessica & Brandon | Nodine & Pickwick, MN wedding



And love.

What more could you ask for?

Absolutely nothing better to spend your wedding day with your closest friends & family. That’s what it was like for Jessica & Brandon’s wedding day. Two kids growing up in “small-town Minnesota”, who ended up getting married after spending a number of years together. The little church in Nodine, MN was filled to standing room only and the wedding reception had even more guests to help them celebrate. Their wedding was fun for me too, as I happened to know a few members of the bridal party, as well as a number of their guests. They even mixed in a little birthday celebration as it was the Maid of Honor’s birthday on their wedding date.

The day started off with the two of them seeing each other for the first time. The anticipation was obvious, but Jessica was all smiles…

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Kristin & Jonah | rural Minnesota wedding

At the end of July, I drove south to Hokah, MN for the wedding ceremony of Kristin & Jonah. Jonah & his sister were actually members of a previous bridal party for my past clients Shannon & Jon. One thing about rural weddings, is that the strong bond of family & friends is very apparent. It seems that everybody knows one another and has something or someone they can relate to. While there was a few faces I’ve seen before at a previous wedding or two, the feeling is similar during the wedding day – a celebration of love between two people.

As I arrived, we had originally planned to have Kristin & Jonah see each other beforehand for a “first sight”, however, plans had changed due to some discussion between Kristin and her friends. While it makes no difference to me, I think it’s great to wait until the ceremony, there’s only one time that this moment will happen. So I started with Kristin and her bridesmaids for some portraits and the interior of St. Peter’s Church created a very nice backdrop…

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