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Bekky & Mike | La Crosse, WI wedding

When you love someone, that love should be permanent.

Just like the tattoos that Bekky & Mike have. They even got matching tattoos during their honeymoon to observe the date that they married. I think that’s pretty sweet.

It was pretty hot the day of their wedding and everyone made it through it just fine. The heat didn’t prevent them from having a great time with other, just as a wedding should be.

As we awaited for the last few members of the wedding party, I thought that would be a great time to get some nice portraits of Bekky. I felt her choices of colors were a perfect match for her look…

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Sarah & Thor | Twin Cities, MN wedding photography

I feel I must start this with a simple… GO BISON!

For those of you who weren’t at the wedding of Sarah & Thor and wondering what bison have to do with a wedding, it was a resounding cheer that was heard throughout the day as they are alumni of North Dakota State University, as well as a good number of their wedding guests. If they didn’t go to NDSU, then there were definitely fans of the Bison football team as there was plenty of cheering going on anytime NDSU or Bison was mentioned. Nothing like having your own fans at your wedding!

The day started off in New Brighton at St. John the Baptist Church where Sarah arrived and got ready. She got ready behind closed doors since she didn’t want to see Thor before their wedding. Thor & his groomsmen arrived not too long after. Once he arrived, he stopped and chatted with his father for some possible final words of advice…

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Melissa & Jason | Winona MN wedding photographer

Emotions are powerful.

Do you remember when you first saw the love of your life? How did you feel? For those of you who are engaged, do you remember the feelings you felt during the proposal? For those of you who are married, do you remember seeing them for the first time on your wedding day? How did it feel? Was it joyful & perhaps a little scary at the same time? Or maybe your emotions were so overwhelming that you find it hard to recall??

Melissa & Jason’s wedding had some of the most purest emotions I’ve been able to document.

With the beautiful weather we had on their wedding day, we decided to do their first sight outside of Central Lutheran Church. Prior to seeing each other for the first time, I had Jason wait outside the church while Melissa was helped by her mother & sister with some final touches…

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Ashley & Dustin | Wisconsin wedding photography

The love story between Ashley & Dustin began while they were both in high school. They are both from small towns in rural Wisconsin. It’s your small-town love story. What’s really amazing is to see how the love between two people can bring many people together. Although being from smaller towns, they sure knew how to fill the church & reception with people they know! There was approximately 350 people who showed up to help them celebrate their wedding!

You couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate the love you have for that special person in your life.

As I drove to Waumandee, the skies were filled with the same rain-soaked overcast clouds that have been moving (or not moving as it seems) through our area over the past few weeks. Like I mentioned in my last wedding post, the wedding will go on “rain or shine” and my same principle of “rain & shine” applied. As I met with Ashley when I arrived, not only did she light up with smiles but everyone around her were shining bright of smiles.

Ashley’s mother helped her into her dress as everyone looked on. Before you knew it, there she was – a stunning bride…

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Vineyards aren’t just in California anymore…

Oh yea, we’ve got them right here in the Mississippi River valley! Danzinger Vineyards & Winery in Alma, WI is now open and my clients just had their wedding reception held there.

And just like the vineyards in California, they make for a great place to shoot wedding portraits at!

Danzinger Vineyards wedding photo

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Shaunna & Chris | Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding

Rain or shine.

It’s a term people will use when they’ve planned something and no matter the weather, the event must go on. Of course we all hope and wish for beautiful weather, but in reality, we don’t have any control over Mother Nature.

So what if the planned event is an outdoor wedding in a beautiful, natural setting? Why not take it in stride and go with it? Turn the “rain or shine” attitude into “rain & shine”? Meaning, if it does rain on your wedding day, will that affect the feelings you have for your loved one? I sincerely doubt it. So if it rains, may your love shine like it never has before.

That “rain & shine” seemed to be present during my Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding at the beginning of the June. The clouds seemed to be breaking up on my way there and the forecast on my phone looked promising as I waited to meet Shaunna at her hotel.

When she arrived, she was smiling so brightly. A little nervous, but that’s to be expected. It’s your wedding day after all. From there, that was the start of her wedding day photography…

Even when getting her hair done, Shaunna was still smiling…

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the last photo taken at the Danzinger Vineyards & Winery wedding reception

I told Ashley & Dustin I’d share this picture with everyone as we said our goodbyes to each other on Saturday. It was created just outside of their wedding reception which was held at the newly opened Danzinger Vineyards & Winery, located above Alma, Wisconsin.

It’s pretty cool. It’s one of a kind. It can never be created again.

What do you think?

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they got married in the rain…

Sometimes (ok, most of time) a bride will worry about it raining on her wedding day, especially if they’re planning an outdoor wedding. As we all know, we don’t have any control over the weather.

When you’re marrying the person that you love most in this world, make the most of it and if it rains – remember you do have control over how much love you still feel for that special person.

Even if it does rain, you could always just deal with it and come out smiling, just like my past outdoor wedding of Shaunna & Chris at Nepco Lake County Park in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Raindrops will dry. Love can be forever.

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