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Emmy & Kevin | Winona, Minnesota wedding

It’s truly an amazing feeling when you feel loved. As a parent myself, I get to feel the love from my own children. For Emmy & Kevin, I know that they get to enjoy that same feeling too. As a wedding photographer, I get to witness this love of others. Not just between the bride & groom, but their friends, family & sometimes their children too. To see a gathering of people, some from long distances, hear the stories shared and spend a day together celebrating the love of two people – it’s well, amazing.

On the day of their wedding, there was plenty of love to go around. See for yourself…

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Melissa & Jason | Winona MN wedding photographer

Emotions are powerful.

Do you remember when you first saw the love of your life? How did you feel? For those of you who are engaged, do you remember the feelings you felt during the proposal? For those of you who are married, do you remember seeing them for the first time on your wedding day? How did it feel? Was it joyful & perhaps a little scary at the same time? Or maybe your emotions were so overwhelming that you find it hard to recall??

Melissa & Jason’s wedding had some of the most purest emotions I’ve been able to document.

With the beautiful weather we had on their wedding day, we decided to do their first sight outside of Central Lutheran Church. Prior to seeing each other for the first time, I had Jason wait outside the church while Melissa was helped by her mother & sister with some final touches…

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Theresa & Joey | Winona, MN wedding photographer

I had the privilege of shooting another Fourth of July wedding last weekend here in Winona, MN at Central Lutheran Church. While every single wedding I shoot is special in its own way, fireworks on your wedding anniversary would be sweet – the main thing that stood out for me was that the groom, Joey, is an Iraq War veteran. I could tell that Joey was a man of pride. Proud to serve his country and proud to marrying the woman he loves.

I thank you Joey for everything you do and have done for our country.

Groom portrait ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Theresa & Joey chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony, so after I finished up with Joey & the groomsmen and made sure he was hidden from seeing Theresa, I went downstairs to get started with the ladies.

Theresa seemed to be smiling at every single moment…

bride walking down hallway ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

She had a long, flowing veil which was absolutely beautiful on her! I had this photo envisioned nearly as soon as I saw it and here’s the result…

bride with long veil ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

There was just this “glow” to Theresa. A very sweet, soft spoken young woman who was a beautiful smiling bride…

beautiful smiling bride ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

As we waited downstairs for the start of the ceremony, I could see some growing anticipation. Last minute touch ups. Slow, deep breaths. Double and triple checks. It’s really quite normal, but can make for a wonderful picture as well…

bride between bridesmaids ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

last minute conversation between ladies ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

A moment of prayer before the ceremony…

prayer before ceremony ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Theresa’s father walked her down the aisle. Before they walked, they shared a special moment alone…

bride hugs father ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

The ceremony was special as Theresa’s grandfather, also a minister, spoke the sermon. To Theresa’s surprise, her mother also sang a song for her before the Recessional. After the ceremony, we finished up with group photos and boarded the limo to head down to Lake Winona for a few more pictures. From there, they went for a short drive and I met them & their bridal party at Westfield Golf Course for the reception.

We took some more photos outside of the clubhouse with a more natural setting…

ornamental grass in front of bride & groom kissing ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After photos by one of the water fountains, we headed back to the reception…

brides flowing veil on golf cart ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Once they entered the clubhouse, there was a surprise waiting for them. Their family printed out masks with pictures of their faces on them and they sang a special song as they entered…

guests with masks ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After supper & toasts it was time for the Grand March. This time they received a standing ovation…

wedding reception grand march ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

They danced their first dance as husband & wife as their guests looked on and set the scene for more dancing to come…

first dance ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

It was a beautiful day for their wedding and to think they’ll have fireworks to celebrate each & every anniversary is just wonderful. I wish you both the very best! Congratulations again to you both!!

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