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$5000 Baby & Child portrait contest

Attention past & current 2010 child portrait clients!

One of my print suppliers, Miller’s Professional Imaging, is holding a nationwide baby & child portrait contest in which the Grand Prize winner will receive $5000! Any past 2010 portrait client of mine is also eligible to enter an image taken from earlier this year.

I will be holding a few dates during the next three months where new clients can sign up for a in-studio session also. I am limiting the amount of sessions to ten per month. First come, first serve basis. Clients will have the option of in-studio or on-location sessions. Sign up below!

Here’s some info regarding the contest:

There are three rounds left for submissions: April 1-21, May 1-21 & June 1-21. Each round will last for one month.

For each qualifying round, the top five winners will be selected from the four categories and will receive a studio sample of their winning image. These winning portraits will be entered into the Final Round, which takes place during the month of July. The Final Round will be judged online by a panel of esteemed photographers. First, Second, and Third places, as well as two Honorable Mentions, will be announced for each category! Cash prizes for these winners include $2,000 for First, $1,000 for Second, $750 for Third, and $500 for each Honorable Mention. One portrait from the Final Round will also receive the highest of accolades — Grand Prize Winner. The cash prize will be $5,000 for this lucky winner! All cash prizes will be given to the families of the winning portraits.

Miller’s Baby & Child Contest Rules

-All portraits taken January 1- June 21, 2010 are eligible for entry into the 2010 Baby & Child Contest.
-Voters will have the ability to flag any image they feel does not meet the guidelines of the contest. Flagged images will be reviewed prior to the announcement of round winners to ensure the winning images do meet contest standards.
-Participants may post one image per child from each photography session. Miller’s reserves the right to delete multiple submissions from one session.
-Participants are not limited on the amount of images they can post.
-It is the responsibility of the participant to format pictures correctly and according to the category prior to posting the image. Miller’s will not reformat images once submitted and reserves the right to delete any submission that fails to meet these requirements.
-Miller’s reserves the right to delete any submission that is inappropriate in nature.
-Miller’s will not use any participants’ images without prior consent.
-We ask that all images remain anonymous. Please refrain from placing studio logos or text on any images.
-Children age 12 and under can be entered into the contest.
-Maternity shots do not fall within any of the available categories.

Sign up your child for a in-studio portrait here!

See my past child & family portrait sessions here!

THE WINNER – “kids in hats” child portrait

The votes have been counted (& recounted – twice) and by just FIVE votes, the winner is…

click to view the kids in hats portrait winner

the family will receive an 11×14 canvas gallery wrap of the image of their choice!

All participating families will receive a complimentary 5×7 mounted print as well as 25% off prints. I will be sending you a separate email soon.

Everyone who voted will also be receiving an email with savings on “kids in hats” prints or future portrait sessions!

VOTE! — kids in hats

This is the official voting page for the January child portrait contest – “kids in hats”.

Voting is simple. Each entry picture will be numbered by a number above each photo. Only one vote per entry allowed per person/computer. Votes come from comments. Votes are counted by comments/responses left at the bottom of this post. When leaving a comment/vote, you will be asked for your name & email. Takes just a few seconds.

Also, if you haven’t commented on my site before, you may receive a message that states your comment is in moderation. All that means is I need to approve it for the site. Once approved, your comment will appear under this post.

Simply enter the number of the photo you like to vote for and leave an actual comment if you’d like! Separate images of siblings will be combined to avoid any sibling rivalries when they get older. ; )

Voting ends January 31st, 2010 @11:59pm.

All votes/comments will be tallied on February 1st, 2010. Winner will be announced during the first week of February.

Clicking on each photo will open up a gallery to each child’s full image gallery. You will be asked for a password – if you know the families & children, you’ll know the password. Prints may be purchased through each gallery.











So there you have it, the eleven children in the portrait contest! Now it’s your turn to vote for the winner! Everyone can vote. Unfriendly comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

**It has come to my attention that some computers are not able to submit your comments/votes. Most likely a security feature on the computer being used. Sorry, I do NOT have any control over that and I am not responsible for it. I apologize for this inconvenience.**

***REMINDER – Please vote once. Do not use multiple email addresses that you may have. Also, do not copy/paste email addresses from your address book and try to enter them within a few minute timeframe. It’s VERY obvious and I can see that those email addresses are from the same computer. I can understand a husband & wife from a household voting, but when I see 15-20 different people – with different last names & emails from one computer – voting within a few minutes, I will not count those votes. There has been over 60 votes of which I will not count and will not show up below due to that fact.***

today’s contest entrant took my picture…


not exactly…

but she brought her own camera!

She’s entrant #3 for the January child portrait contest – kids in hats!

It’s not too late to join! Follow the link in the above sentence to sign up.

This is only a sneak peak – not her entry image. Contest images will be posted for voting during the last week of January!