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Caroline Smith – 11.14.2013 – Eds no name Bar

Caroline Smith and her full band came to Winona, MN for a sold-out show at Eds (no name) Bar. The last time Caroline Smith performed in Winona was this past April for the Mid West Music Fest to a full-capacity crowd at Eds. It sounds like she’ll be back in town again for Mid West Music Fest 2014. Be sure to check her out the next time you get a chance. You’ll be thankful you did.

Visit the Caroline Smith website

Preview Caroline Smith new album “Half About Being a Woman” on iTunes

Here’s the video for her first single off her newest album titled “Magazine”

Charlie Parr – 4.18.2013 – Eds no name Bar

Charlie Parr visited & performed in front of a full-capacity crowd at Eds (no name) Bar for Mid West Music Fest 2013 in Winona, MN. All Charlie needs is a 12-string guitar or a banjo with a little wooden box to get the whole crowd to shake the floors (literally) with foot-stomping joy. He has traveled the world sharing his music as far as Europe and Australia. If he’s passing through town, you may even get to see an intimate performance at Eds on any given Sunday evening.

Visit the Charlie Parr website

Preview Charlie Parr’s newest album “Barnswallow” on iTunes

Watch Charlie Parr perform “1922” live at Eds no name Bar in 2008: