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Stephanie & Geoff | Caledonia, Minnesota wedding

Once again, the autumn sun was shining for a wedding. Stephanie & Geoff returned to their hometown of Caledonia, Minnesota to be married in front of their family & friends. The first time I met them was for their engagement portraits in which we took at Beaver Creek Valley State Park on another beautiful day in southeast Minnesota.

They have that ol’ high school sweetheart relationship and for some guests it was one of those “finally… it’s about time” moments. There was even a photo of the two of them, as a young couple, from the early school days displayed near their wedding cake at the reception. After high school, they proceeded to Iowa to attend the same college. Throughout all the years, their love grew for each other. It was at college where Geoff proposed. Which brings us to their wedding day.

Upon arriving, I started with Stephanie about to get her wedding dress on with her mother and bridesmaids there to help. Meanwhile, Geoff and the groomsmen & ushers were outside playing football. There’s usually two different approaches to a wedding day between both sides. Down the hall, the dress seemed to be patiently awaiting…

wedding dress in mirror Continue reading more about their Caledonia, Minnesota wedding

Brittany & Brandon | wedding pictures in rural Minnesota

For my sixth wedding within 22 days in the month of August, I traveled into southeastern Minnesota near the small town of Mabel – which is a polar opposite of the large metro areas of Chicago, IL & Indianapolis, IN that they now live between! What’s interesting, is that a number of events took place for not only for me to shoot this wedding, but for the actual wedding to take place! I came to understand that Brittany had been researching and getting a feel for the different wedding photographers out there. She was doing all of this before Brandon even proposed! Never hurts to be prepared, right? Continue to read about this wedding day