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Kim & Allen | Wabasha, Minnesota wedding

I think it’s truly a beautiful sight when you can watch someone look at the person that they love and you can feel that love & emotion. This is what I felt every time Kim & Allen looked at each other on their wedding day.

Now at the same time, it’s kind of funny when you shoot a high school friend’s wedding. Especially when you’ve shared a number of good times with each other. And what’s even better, is the guest list included some of those other high school friends who helped make those good times even better. You see, I’ve known Allen for years and his Best Man was my childhood neighbor and needless to say – we’ve had our fun in our day. To make it even better, Kim’s sisters and friends are just as goofy as our friends were/are. It’s literally a perfect match.

Mix all of this with a day that started pretty dreary, yet come the time of the wedding, the clouds parted and the sun shined bright the rest of their wedding day. Add in loving family & friends to help you celebrate and you’ve got one beautiful wedding. Continue for Kim & Allen’s wedding photos

Jodi & Tucker wedding photographer | Lake City, Minnesota

You know there are times when you have something planned and you hope for great weather? We’ve all been there at some point. This is usually the case with wedding planning. Yes, you hear the line “It’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!” but I kinda think that’s just to make the people getting married feel better about the situation. The weather during last weekend’s wedding in Lake City, MN was like a cold & rainy autumn day. There was just no sign of the rain letting up…

However, whenever you have two people in love – it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. When you are with the love of your life – you tend to forget little things like the weather. Life is good when you’re with the one you love. Add in family & friends and that makes things even better!

Before I get into the good stuff, I want to let you know that I’ve been experimenting with some new processing techniques on the photos. You’ll see some different black & white and duotone processing on most of these preview pictures. When you strip a photo of its color, it can make you “see” the photo differently. It’s almost as if you can feel the emotion within it. So with that said, let’s see some photos huh?!

Jodi & Tucker decided to see each other prior to their ceremony to get the formal photos done first. Their first sight of each other was a beautiful moment…

Bride & Groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day

Not only was Jodi absolutely stunning, but so was her wedding dress and bouquet…

Bride holding her wedding bouquet | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

The beautiful bridesmaids checking out some friends who pulled up to the church…

Bridesmaids looking out windows | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Tucker was ready to “get the show on the on the road”…

Groom patiently awaiting wedding ceremony | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Bride & Bridesmaids | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Last minute preparations…

Bride taking one last look | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

and then some nerves may have settled in…

Deep breath | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

walking it off | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Marriage is a major change in one’s life. A lot will go through your head before the ceremony. There’s so much emotion. Everyone handles it differently. One thing’s for certain – if you’re in love, everything will be alright. As it may have seemed like an eternity waiting, after a short & sweet ceremony, Jodi & Tucker were now married…

walking down the aisle | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Everyone was so happy for them…

a Grandmother's hug | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

And then we were off to have a drink at the Port of Call in downtown Lake City as the guests blew bubbles…

bride & groom walking through receiving line | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After plenty of story sharing and much laughter, we headed to Lake Pepin Golf Course for the wedding reception. The stories & laughter continued through the speeches…

Best man speech | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

and there were some tears as well, but happy tears…

bride's sister tearing up during speech | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

bridesmaid speech | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

After dinner, the dance began and the love was obvious…

first dance | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

Thank you Jodi & Tucker for allowing me to capture the love you share as your wedding photographer. I hope the honeymoon was wonderful and full of more memories!!

Never forget the love you felt on that day… congratulations to you both!

a romantic kiss | ©2009 Shannon Porter Photography

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Ashley & Byron wedding photographer – Lake City, MN & Frontenac, MN

Another weekend gone by, another great wedding to photograph! Saturday, May 17th, 2008 – I photographed the wedding of Ashley & Byron at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Lake City, MN and the reception was held at Mount Frontenac Golf Course in Frontenac, MN.

The weather looked to be perfect for a wedding in the morning, but some storm clouds did come through in the afternoon & evening hours. However, a couple of raindrops did not dampen the spirits at this wedding, nor did it prevent me from getting some great wedding photography. Two cultures coming together was an awesome sight to witness and made the wedding even more special! Let’s get to some photos, right!?!

I started out with the bride & groom, here’s a cool perspective shot…

080517 MN wedding photographer

and a nice portrait of Ashley & Byron in front of the church…

080517 MN wedding photographer

Byron had four siblings who were part of the bridal/wedding party and here was a fun shot of his youngest brother who had to deal with height differences – I love his expression! Priceless!!

080517 MN wedding photographer

Smiles were had by all as guests arrived for the ceremony…

080517 MN wedding photographer

The bridesmaids’ bouquets were nice and bright…

080517 MN wedding photographer

The ladies were having a good time while waiting for the ceremony…


As the processional began, the ring bearer had no problem coming down the aisle, but the flower girl wasn’t too sure about it…

080517 MN wedding photographer

Here’s a nice moment between father & son after Ashley’s father walked her down the aisle…

080517 MN wedding photographer

All eyes were on the bride & groom during the wedding ceremony, as well as cameras!

080517 MN wedding photographer

The wedding proceeded without issues (other than perhaps which hand to put the ring on – right, you two???) and here’s a fun shot of Ashley & Byron as they walked out of the church. It was one of many “thumbs up” from Byron throughout the day!

080517 MN wedding photographer

These next two photos were really fun shots with Byron & the bridesmaids. I love all of their facial expressions! Good times!! The whole bridal party was a fun group!

080517 MN wedding photographer

080517 MN wedding photographer

Heading out for some outdoor wedding portrait photos…

080517 MN wedding photographer

Here’s a cool moment captured in one of the golf course’s ponds…

080517 MN wedding photographer

We headed back to the reception and there was a little taste of some southern flavors going on in the parking lot. I tried some, it was REALLY good!!

080517 MN wedding photographer

There was plenty of room inside and out for all of the guests…

080517 MN wedding photographer

080517 MN wedding photographer

Byron’s mom wasn’t the only one getting a shot of the two of them kissing!

080517 MN wedding photographer

The dinner was great, the cake was served, plenty of drinks were available at the bar and then it was time for the dance to begin. There was plenty of happy tears too. Its so nice to cover a wedding day from start to finish – and this wedding was no different. Here’s a nice capture of their first dance as Byron holds his lovely wife close…

080517 MN wedding photographer

The father/daughter dance always hits home with me. I’ve mentioned this before too. Someday, I will be in these shoes with my daughter. Ashley’s dad was so proud of his “little girl”…

080517 MN wedding photographer

Then it was Byron & his mom’s turn with the mother/son dance. Their dance was equally special with a few good moves added in too. Here’s a nice moment between the two of them during their dance…

080517 MN wedding photographer

Overall, it was a great wedding – as they usually are – and I was grateful to be the wedding photographer of this one. I wish the two of you a happy, healthy future together!

080517 MN wedding photographer

A gallery with some more of Ashley & Byron’s wedding photography can be found here.

Lake City & Frontenac MN wedding photography today!

The sun is shining and looks like perfect weather for a wedding and wedding photography! I’ll be heading to Lake City, Minnesota to St. John’s Lutheran Church for the ceremony. Afterwards, we’ll be heading to Mount Frontenac Golf Course for the wedding reception. Both cities provide some pretty cool backdrop scenery consisting of Lake Pepin in Lake City and Frontenac gives a view overlooking the Mississippi River Valley. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take advantage of that today. I’m excited!

I’ll be posting more about this wedding within the next few days, so be sure to check back to view a sampling of the wedding photography from today’s wedding!