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Mid West Music Fest – Day 3

The sun was shining on the third and last day of Mid West Music Fest and everyone was out and about early with the Earth Day celebration at Levee Park. While the breeze still had a slight chill to it, you couldn’t help but enjoy the heat as the sun kissed everyone in attendance. Later in the evening, downtown Winona was packed with what seemed like twice as many people as previous nights, but I imagine the pub crawl at non-MWMF establishments had something to do with that. A new favorite band, The Fattenin’ Frogs, had Eds (no name) Bar hopping to their music and the amazing vocals of Amanda White. Overall, it was a perfect ending to possibly the best Mid West Music Fest yet.

List of musicians and the venue:

  1. Jake Ilika & The Heavy Set – Winona Levee Park
  2. The Zinghoppers – Winona Levee Park
  3. Savannah Smith – Broken World Records
  4. Swallows – Eds (no name) Bar
  5. Reina del Cid & the Cidizens – Broken World Records
  6. Eli Glor – Broken World Records
  7. Cannons North – Eds (no name) Bar
  8. The Fattenin’ Frogs – Eds (no name) Bar

Keep an eye on Mid West Music Fest 2014 as it’s scheduled for April 24-26, 2014.

Mid West Music Fest 2013 – Day 2

Day two of the Mid West Music Fest provided nearly every weather element possible, but that didn’t stop many festival goers from hitting the streets and see some of their favorite musical acts. Things that stood out for me: Eds (no name) Bar had its second-annual block party and although the music was moved indoors, they were already at capacity at 7:30 for Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps. Later that night, Chastity Brown wowed the crowd with her soulful voice. The People Brothers Band got the crowd movin’ & shakin’ like a primer for Apollo Cobra at Jefferson’s Event Center, which was nearly at capacity by the end of the night.

List of musicians and the venue:

  1. Tour FunkEds (no name) Bar
  2. The May NorthEds (no name) Bar
  3. Austin Weatherhead – Winona Arts Center
  4. Click TrackEds (no name) Bar
  5. Urine – Broken World Records
  6. Sun Gods to Gamma Rays – Broken World Records
  7. Jacob Grippen – Broken World Records
  8. Caroline Smith & The Goodnight SleepsEds (no name) Bar
  9. Push & Turn – Jefferson’s Event Center
  10. The People Brothers Band – Jefferson’s Event Center
  11. Chastity BrownEds (no name) Bar
  12. Apollo Cobra – Jefferson’s Event Center


Charlie Parr – 4.18.2013 – Eds no name Bar

Charlie Parr visited & performed in front of a full-capacity crowd at Eds (no name) Bar for Mid West Music Fest 2013 in Winona, MN. All Charlie needs is a 12-string guitar or a banjo with a little wooden box to get the whole crowd to shake the floors (literally) with foot-stomping joy. He has traveled the world sharing his music as far as Europe and Australia. If he’s passing through town, you may even get to see an intimate performance at Eds on any given Sunday evening.

Visit the Charlie Parr website

Preview Charlie Parr’s newest album “Barnswallow” on iTunes

Watch Charlie Parr perform “1922” live at Eds no name Bar in 2008:

Mid West Music Fest 2013 – Day 1

On the first day of Mid West Music Fest, I was able to photograph 10 different musicians and bands. While the weather wasn’t necessarily the most ideal, the music definitely was. Here’s a little preview of each performance.


List of musicians and the venue:

  1. Emma Mae Spring – Acoustic Cafe
  2. Matthew Francis Byrnes – Winona Art Center
  3. The Wildflowers – Masonic Temple Theater
  4. The Ericksons – Masonic Temple Theater
  5. Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks – Winona Art Center
  6. Witness – Jefferson’s Event Center
  7. Wake Up Bedhead – Broken World Records
  8. Retribution Gospel Choir – Jefferson’s Event Center
  9. Charlie ParrEds (no name) Bar
  10. General B & the Wiz – Broken World Records

I am honored to have been chosen as one of the official Mid West Music Fest photographers for the second year. Information & tickets for Mid West Music Fest.