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Shaunna & Chris | Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding

Rain or shine.

It’s a term people will use when they’ve planned something and no matter the weather, the event must go on. Of course we all hope and wish for beautiful weather, but in reality, we don’t have any control over Mother Nature.

So what if the planned event is an outdoor wedding in a beautiful, natural setting? Why not take it in stride and go with it? Turn the “rain or shine” attitude into “rain & shine”? Meaning, if it does rain on your wedding day, will that affect the feelings you have for your loved one? I sincerely doubt it. So if it rains, may your love shine like it never has before.

That “rain & shine” seemed to be present during my Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding at the beginning of the June. The clouds seemed to be breaking up on my way there and the forecast on my phone looked promising as I waited to meet Shaunna at her hotel.

When she arrived, she was smiling so brightly. A little nervous, but that’s to be expected. It’s your wedding day after all. From there, that was the start of her wedding day photography…

Even when getting her hair done, Shaunna was still smiling…

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they got married in the rain…

Sometimes (ok, most of time) a bride will worry about it raining on her wedding day, especially if they’re planning an outdoor wedding. As we all know, we don’t have any control over the weather.

When you’re marrying the person that you love most in this world, make the most of it and if it rains – remember you do have control over how much love you still feel for that special person.

Even if it does rain, you could always just deal with it and come out smiling, just like my past outdoor wedding of Shaunna & Chris at Nepco Lake County Park in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Raindrops will dry. Love can be forever.

More photos from their wedding coming soon!

Alison & Chris | Winona, MN wedding

I’ve known Alison & Chris for like four to five years now. I believe that they started dating not too long before I met them both. Seeing the two of them go from “a couple” to “husband & wife” is pretty neat. Being a good friend of Chris’s father & stepmother, I’ve gotten the chance to know Alison & Chris better too. We’ve been on the river & sat around a few campfires together, watched Super Bowls & UFC fights, been on a motorcycle cruise or two (even though I sold my Harley a few years ago, I followed in my car) and even been to a few parties at either our house or his parent’s. My wife went to Alison’s bachelorette party & I went to Chris’s bachelor party. While we don’t necessarily hang out on a regular basis, I’d like to say that Alison & Chris are good family friends.

Being at their wedding was almost kinda like being a guest, I guess. I don’t get invited to too many weddings anymore, since I’m usually working at a different wedding. ; ) Knowing many of the guests & all but one of the bridal party, (I know Bridgette’s mom, so that counts right? Hi Bridgette!) it was kinda hard to not visit with those I know. (so sorry if any of you felt like I was ignoring you, but hey – I was working!) But the greatest part, other than seeing two people in love get married, was to see so many people having a good time. The weather was pretty close to perfect, even though it got a little on the warm side once the sun finally came out. As they say, it was a great day for a wedding.

Let’s check out some pics, huh??

A kiss for his bride when they first saw each other…

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Lacey & Paul outdoor wedding at Stone Prairie – southeast Minnesota

Days before Lacey & Paul’s wedding, good ‘ol Minnesota started pulling its weather strings. It went from nice 50-60 degree days during the week to a forecast of 30’s and the chance of snow. They had planned on an outdoor wedding ceremony at her parent’s property outside of St. Charles, Minnesota which is a few miles outside of Rochester.

While snow would have made for some unique wedding ceremony images, I had a feeling that they and their guests wouldn’t see it the same way as I would. Especially since Lacey & Paul were coming back home from warm & sunny California, where they currently live, to be closer to their family.

I’m sure with many eyes on the weather forecasts from Friday through Saturday morning, looking out the window could have fooled you. It was bright from sunshine with picturesque clouds scattered across the sky. If your eyes made it to a thermometer, you would’ve seen that the temps were in the low 30’s.

That’s Minnesota for ya. (yes, I said “ya” – I’m from Minnesota dont’cha know…)

Needless to say, it was a beautiful October day in Minnesota. Having never been to Stone Prairie, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did know that Lacey’s parents have taken the painstaking task to bring this portion of land back to its natural habitat after being over farmed from years past. All I could say was, “wow.” It was such a beautiful, serene location with tall prairie grasses, large old oak trees, limestone boulders and a pond which also had a labyrinth next to it. I know there’s more details I’m probably missing, but needless to say, it was beautiful. As I mentioned in my sneak peek post, there was many details to this wedding, and the location made up for some of those details. But that was just the beginning…

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Jessie & Jonathan outdoor wedding pictures in Wisconsin

On September 5th, 2009 – as summer slowly grew closer to autumn, I traveled to Buena Vista Park over Alma, WI for an outdoor wedding ceremony with absolutely gorgeous weather. If you’ve never been to the lookout, the view from Buena Vista is absolutely spectacular. Combine the weather, the view and these two people in love surrounded by the people closest to them made for a great wedding to shoot.

I first met Jessie here at the studio as she passed through town on her way back home to Iowa with her mother & one of her bridesmaids. I could tell after meeting her that my style of documenting weddings would be a perfect fit. She was so happy & down to earth. The most important thing for her (other than getting married) was getting photos of her marrying the love of her life on their wedding day.

And this, I did.

Before her ceremony she received hugs from everyone who was able to see her…

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Jean & Adrien | Lake Superior destination wedding

Wedding #5 of August took place in Two Harbors, MN – which happens to be north of Duluth – by about 20 miles or so, right on the Scenic North Shore along Lake Superior. Some may say that a “destination wedding” only takes place in a warm, sunny climate on a white sandy beach or where the locals speak a different language than you or at some exotic location that you have to fly to. Well, I drove around 5-6 hours, one way, non-stop to Two Harbors – on the day of their wedding, it was absolutely the nicest day out of the three that I was up there and there was exotic volcanic rocky shores of Lake Superior, which as most know, is one really big lake. The best part, you’ve got “Minnesota nice” people – that speak the same language as you. Excellent. No translation needed – whew! Although, it would’ve been nice to fly the distance up there, but it’s really neat to see how the terrain changes from the southern to northern tip of Minnesota. Continue reading about this Lake Superior destination wedding

Jess & Adam | Rochester, Minnesota wedding photographer

August 1st was my first of six weddings this BUSY month and it started with a beautiful outdoor wedding which took place at the beautiful The Garten Marketplatz Perennial Farm near Byron, which is just outside of Rochester, Minnesota. What’s interesting is that Jess was a personal attendant at a previous outdoor wedding that I shot here in Winona for Melanie & Brian at Winona State University. Chances of rain were in the area, but stayed away for their wedding day! Continue reading about their Garten Marketplatz wedding