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addition to the family portrait…

I had the amazing opportunity to cover a private ceremony welcoming my past wedding client’s newborn daughter, not only to the world but to the family, held at their family’s property in rural southeast Minnesota. There was a calming fog overlaying the land that morning. It was a beautiful location for some family portraits. Continue reading for more images

2008 Bowl For Kid’s Sake event photos – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Winona

Tonight I had the pleasure of volunteering my time for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Winona at Westgate Bowl & Wellington’s Backwater Brewing Company here in Winona, Minnesota. The “Superheroes” were a list of “who’s who” in Winona, MN and I believe everyone that was involved had a great time in creating the photos. Here’s a little sampling of the Winona’s superheroes, from Mayor Jerry Miller to standout Winona State basketball players, Jonte Flowers & Jon Smith:

Mayor of Winona, MN - Jerry Miller

Kwik Trip - The Baker Twins

Winona School mascot - Herky the Winhawk

Winona State Basketball players - Jonte Flowers & Jon Smith

Gallery of each Superhero

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