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Pickle Dropper – B17 Bomber

I was commissioned to retouch this WWII image of the Air Corps Bomber Group of the Boeing B-17 Bomber “Pickle Dropper”. The image was originally taken on February 14, 1944 in England. My client had an original 4×5 print that I scanned in at a high resolution. The image will be enlarged, printed as a 11×14 and gifted to his father-in-law (who is in the image) along with a handmade replica of the plane.

I learned through some research that a few months later, the plane crashed in the English Channel and the crew (not the same as those pictured) were never found and are on the Wall of the Missing in the Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium.

I thank all past, present & future soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they endured to keep all of our families safe.

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