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Lacey & Paul outdoor wedding at Stone Prairie – southeast Minnesota

Days before Lacey & Paul’s wedding, good ‘ol Minnesota started pulling its weather strings. It went from nice 50-60 degree days during the week to a forecast of 30’s and the chance of snow. They had planned on an outdoor wedding ceremony at her parent’s property outside of St. Charles, Minnesota which is a few miles outside of Rochester.

While snow would have made for some unique wedding ceremony images, I had a feeling that they and their guests wouldn’t see it the same way as I would. Especially since Lacey & Paul were coming back home from warm & sunny California, where they currently live, to be closer to their family.

I’m sure with many eyes on the weather forecasts from Friday through Saturday morning, looking out the window could have fooled you. It was bright from sunshine with picturesque clouds scattered across the sky. If your eyes made it to a thermometer, you would’ve seen that the temps were in the low 30’s.

That’s Minnesota for ya. (yes, I said “ya” – I’m from Minnesota dont’cha know…)

Needless to say, it was a beautiful October day in Minnesota. Having never been to Stone Prairie, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did know that Lacey’s parents have taken the painstaking task to bring this portion of land back to its natural habitat after being over farmed from years past. All I could say was, “wow.” It was such a beautiful, serene location with tall prairie grasses, large old oak trees, limestone boulders and a pond which also had a labyrinth next to it. I know there’s more details I’m probably missing, but needless to say, it was beautiful. As I mentioned in my sneak peek post, there was many details to this wedding, and the location made up for some of those details. But that was just the beginning…

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