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Chad & Alex | Jewish commitment ceremony in St. Paul, Minnesota

Everyone is entitled to love and be loved.

Without love, the world can be and is a lonely place.

For Chad & Alex, it may not have been the easiest road for them to plan their wedding. From hiring a florist or finding a venue, even just being in their own relationship – it wasn’t easy. You see, Chad & Alex are gay. However, with the help & love of the people close to them, they were able to plan their wedding. Although the state of Minnesota does not legally recognize the marriage, their Jewish faith does.

And that was very important to them both.

Their wedding was the first same-sex commitment ceremony held inside of a Conservative Jewish synagogue in Minnesota. With the help of their Rabbi, who took all of the correct steps to have the ceremony approved by the Temple of Aaron synagogue, their dream of having their love recognized became a reality. It couldn’t have happened on a better date too, October 10th, 2010 – the same date as the 100 anniversary celebration of the synagogue.

A Jewish wedding is very symbolic and beautiful. For example, the ceremony takes place under a Chupah, a canopy on four poles. It symbolizes creating a home together which is always open to guests…

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