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Jean & Adrien | Lake Superior destination wedding

Wedding #5 of August took place in Two Harbors, MN – which happens to be north of Duluth – by about 20 miles or so, right on the Scenic North Shore along Lake Superior. Some may say that a “destination wedding” only takes place in a warm, sunny climate on a white sandy beach or where the locals speak a different language than you or at some exotic location that you have to fly to. Well, I drove around 5-6 hours, one way, non-stop to Two Harbors – on the day of their wedding, it was absolutely the nicest day out of the three that I was up there and there was exotic volcanic rocky shores of Lake Superior, which as most know, is one really big lake. The best part, you’ve got “Minnesota nice” people – that speak the same language as you. Excellent. No translation needed – whew! Although, it would’ve been nice to fly the distance up there, but it’s really neat to see how the terrain changes from the southern to northern tip of Minnesota. Continue reading about this Lake Superior destination wedding

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FYI – I will be unavailable from Monday, August 17th through Wednesday, August 19th. I will be returning calls & emails on Thursday, August 20th.

I’m photographing a private wedding in Two Harbors, Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. Stay tuned!!

Also, I appreciate the patience of all of my recent clients and inquiries. It really has been a very busy past 30 days. I’ve basically averaged a shoot per day since July 17th. While it’s taking slightly longer to get through & post about past work, I promise to catch up soon!! Thank you to all of my clients – I’m very grateful for each & every one of you!!!