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Amy Seeley | Eight Belles

Do you love music?

I do.

Now I normally don’t post too many miscellaneous subjects and topics other than my wedding photographer and senior portrait services, but today I want to share & introduce to all of my past, present & future clients, friends, family and other visitors to my site the anticipated release of the “Eight Belles” CD by singer/songwriter/musician, Amy Seeley.

I was first introduced to Amy’s music through Jesh de Rox‘s website, which uses the very popular song (especially amongst photographers) “Gravel Lines”. Just a beautiful song to go along with such stunning & beautiful imagery. If you never seen Jesh’s site, you should. Very soon…

After hearing her music, I needed to hear more. Amy is a talented pianist and has a beautiful voice to go along with her music. Hearing music from a piano reminds me of when I visited my grandparents home in Iowa, when my Grampa used to play every morning, afternoon & evening. He would sing also. Most of you have probably never met nor heard my Grampa sing. He sang bass. Very powerful.

Hearing Amy’s voice was such a stark contrast to my Grampa’s. It was so soft and innocent. Whereas, my Grampa’s voice was so strong & loud. Their voices fit each other. My Grampa is a very strong man – physically & emotionally. Amy is a very down to earth person – soft spoken & perhaps a little on the shy side.

I had to opportunity to meet Amy in Tucson, AZ at the first Upward Spiral retreat – “Exploring Love in the Real World” – put together by Jesh & the wonderful Tamara Lackey. Amy gave us an intimate, private, candlelit concert one evening. Talk about a moving experience. You know it when you hear music that hits your soul, shakes your inner core, triggers certain emotions and makes you recall memories in your life. That’s what I experienced in this private little concert by Amy.

I shed a few tears that night listening to Amy’s music. I know I wasn’t the only one either. There hasn’t been too many things that do that to me. However, there are things in life that can trigger such emotion, it’s nearly impossible not to shed a tear. Like the birth of my children. Like the loss of my sister & my Gramma. Like seeing how my Grampa struggled with walking & talking after suffering from a stroke.

There are many things for us to love in this life of ours. Such as our families & friends and life itself. Love is a beautiful thing. Embrace it. Explore it.

Thank you, Amy, for bringing this beautiful music to my ears.


Amy Seeley | Eight Belles

Check out Amy and her music at her site, www.amyseeley.com

Back from Arizona and Minnesota wedding photography today!

September 13, 2008 – Well, I’m back from Arizona after being personally invited by Jesh de Rox & Tamara Lackey to join the Exploring Love in the Real World retreat at the Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona which was the first event for Upward Spiral.

Here’s a photo from the retreat as we were walking through the stone labyrinth. You can click on the photo to open up a gallery showing more of the sights in & around the Miraval Resort and the two wonderful little faces I was so happy to return home to.

Exploring Love in the Real World retreat | 2008 | Miraval Resort | Tucson, AZ

Today, I’m headed to Ellendale & Owatonna, Minnesota for a wedding & wedding reception I’m photographing. It’s been a busy past couple weeks for me but check back soon as I will be sharing photos from Arizona as well as today’s wedding!