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Vicki & Nick | Winona, Minnesota wedding

During the first weekend of October, I had the pleasure of shooting here in Winona, Minnesota at one of the most beautiful churches in town – Chapel of Saint Mary of the Angels. My clients Vicki & Nick met while going to school at Winona State University and chose to come back to married here! As you can see, the Chapel is absolutely gorgeous…

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Melissa & Jason | Winona MN wedding photographer

Emotions are powerful.

Do you remember when you first saw the love of your life? How did you feel? For those of you who are engaged, do you remember the feelings you felt during the proposal? For those of you who are married, do you remember seeing them for the first time on your wedding day? How did it feel? Was it joyful & perhaps a little scary at the same time? Or maybe your emotions were so overwhelming that you find it hard to recall??

Melissa & Jason’s wedding had some of the most purest emotions I’ve been able to document.

With the beautiful weather we had on their wedding day, we decided to do their first sight outside of Central Lutheran Church. Prior to seeing each other for the first time, I had Jason wait outside the church while Melissa was helped by her mother & sister with some final touches…

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Alison & Chris | Winona, MN wedding

I’ve known Alison & Chris for like four to five years now. I believe that they started dating not too long before I met them both. Seeing the two of them go from “a couple” to “husband & wife” is pretty neat. Being a good friend of Chris’s father & stepmother, I’ve gotten the chance to know Alison & Chris better too. We’ve been on the river & sat around a few campfires together, watched Super Bowls & UFC fights, been on a motorcycle cruise or two (even though I sold my Harley a few years ago, I followed in my car) and even been to a few parties at either our house or his parent’s. My wife went to Alison’s bachelorette party & I went to Chris’s bachelor party. While we don’t necessarily hang out on a regular basis, I’d like to say that Alison & Chris are good family friends.

Being at their wedding was almost kinda like being a guest, I guess. I don’t get invited to too many weddings anymore, since I’m usually working at a different wedding. ; ) Knowing many of the guests & all but one of the bridal party, (I know Bridgette’s mom, so that counts right? Hi Bridgette!) it was kinda hard to not visit with those I know. (so sorry if any of you felt like I was ignoring you, but hey – I was working!) But the greatest part, other than seeing two people in love get married, was to see so many people having a good time. The weather was pretty close to perfect, even though it got a little on the warm side once the sun finally came out. As they say, it was a great day for a wedding.

Let’s check out some pics, huh??

A kiss for his bride when they first saw each other…

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Kelly & Brad | Winona, MN wedding

What could be better than marrying the person you love?

Marrying the person you love surrounded your family & closest friends!

After a short time of being at Kelly & Brad’s wedding, I could tell that there was no shortage of love to go around. It seemed that everyone was smiling. Perhaps the nice weather had something to do with it. After spending most of the day with everyone, I could tell everyone had a common bond, not only with Kelly & Brad, but with each other. Whether they were family or friends, young or old, everyone at the wedding just had great time throughout the day.

Speaking of smiles, Brad was definitely smiling once he saw Kelly for the first time…

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