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Behind the Scenes – outdoor wedding ceremony in the rain

Last year, during the first week of June, I was in Wisconsin Rapids, WI for a lovely outdoor wedding. As it got closer to the the start of the ceremony, the clouds let loose and it started raining. However, sometimes the show must go on and that’s what happened. Grab some umbrellas and marry the person you love. A little rain won’t hurt you…

A photo taken by the bride’s mother shows where I was located to get the shot.

And what I saw was this – the father of the bride helping his daughter stay dry from the rain by holding an umbrella overhead, with a firm grip of her hand, which I’m sure he’s done many times before, as she smiles the whole way to her wedding – as the raindrops fall around them…

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Shaunna & Chris | Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding

Rain or shine.

It’s a term people will use when they’ve planned something and no matter the weather, the event must go on. Of course we all hope and wish for beautiful weather, but in reality, we don’t have any control over Mother Nature.

So what if the planned event is an outdoor wedding in a beautiful, natural setting? Why not take it in stride and go with it? Turn the “rain or shine” attitude into “rain & shine”? Meaning, if it does rain on your wedding day, will that affect the feelings you have for your loved one? I sincerely doubt it. So if it rains, may your love shine like it never has before.

That “rain & shine” seemed to be present during my Wisconsin Rapids, WI wedding at the beginning of the June. The clouds seemed to be breaking up on my way there and the forecast on my phone looked promising as I waited to meet Shaunna at her hotel.

When she arrived, she was smiling so brightly. A little nervous, but that’s to be expected. It’s your wedding day after all. From there, that was the start of her wedding day photography…

Even when getting her hair done, Shaunna was still smiling…

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they got married in the rain…

Sometimes (ok, most of time) a bride will worry about it raining on her wedding day, especially if they’re planning an outdoor wedding. As we all know, we don’t have any control over the weather.

When you’re marrying the person that you love most in this world, make the most of it and if it rains – remember you do have control over how much love you still feel for that special person.

Even if it does rain, you could always just deal with it and come out smiling, just like my past outdoor wedding of Shaunna & Chris at Nepco Lake County Park in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Raindrops will dry. Love can be forever.

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